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People have died to bring you some of this knowledge....

Some of these secrets are so powerful that elite educational institutions have been going to extreme lengths to keep them hidden for centuries, using them for their own benefit. Through synchronistic connections Stephanie Jaie and Cian Kenshin are now able to share them with YOU!

Meet your new instructors

Who are these crazy beings who have decided to create a movement to disrupt the system? Who could possibly believe that humans are meant to be free, affluent, and powerful?

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The leaders of tomorrow are rule breakers today!

We are creating a new generation of reality disrupters - fully integrated in all primal energies, living in divinity within their material realm, and empowering humanity to do the same!

We know you want to serve, make an impact, and take full responsibility that the reason you don't have those things is simply that you haven't stepped into the fullest, most authentic, confident expression of yourself...

You're ready for a year of "hell yes" energy & integration.

This journey has your name on it.

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