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YES, YES, YES – But, first of all:

Welcome, Lightbender, to the Alchemize Your Life Podcast!

In this very first episode, Episode 1: The Prysm, we will discuss the powerful realizations that led us up to the creation of The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy.

This is a promising and adventurous first chapter, in which:

  • We are going to be sharing our experience with ‘earth magick’, ‘inner-realm magick’ and how they connect.
  • We will explore our relationship how we met, mixed our spiritual traditions and magicks together, and… Created something new while training with Shaman’s down in Peru.
  • Also, we’ll share with you the three main energies available to humankind and; How they are the key to unlocking the next step in the evolution of humankind. Do Sex, God & Money right any bells to you?
  • And, we will explore the key topics around stabilization of the 3D/material realm; So that the higher, spiritual practices can be focused on how certain traditions recognize this or not.

OF COURSE, there will be some awesome giveaways along the way! So… MAKE SURE TO STAY TILL THE VERY END!!!

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See you on the brighter side, lightbender,

Cian & Steph

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