Magick: Knowledge from the Ancient World

No matter where you look, every single human group that has ever stepped on the face of this Earth. Has. Always. Had. A. Magickal. Tradition. From the east to the west; From the Greek Olympus to the Himalayas, magick has flourished anywhere where civilization has settled. 

Magick has always been the way we comprehended our external and internal realms working together. As the collection of knowledge of the conscious and subconscious dimensions, magick is indivisible from the human experience on itself. 

Yet, we as a species have pushed magick to the fringes of society. We have turned our backs on the immaterial, leaving the subtle, the sacred, the higher, into the darkness. Magick has parted ways with the sciences of the material realm, being relegated to the mystic and to the occult. 

But occult as it is, magick not only remains, but it thrives; even today, there are thousands of thousands of magicians out there devoted to the truth. 

The Cult of Science: No Room For Magick 

The loss of magick from the public realm goes back to the first Renaissance and the great Enlightenment. Ever since the century of lights, we have devoted our trust and praise to the cult of science. Taking God(s) out of our all-mighty altars, we have shaped our world views to the image and likeness of the ideas steaming from the laboratories and the scientific method.

Leaving little to no room for magick, the Newtonian model took our collective mind by storm and set the foundation for the cause-and-effect, materialistic world we now live in. A world where nothing that cannot be observed, measured, and replicated, can be conceived. A world where magick does not exist. 

But even with hundreds of years of tridimensional research, not even the all-mighty science have all the answers to the universe’s darkest, deepest questions. Even today, there are still affairs that overflown the cartesian planes, and phenomenons that miss an explanation from traditional, brick-and-mortar science.

And after centuries and centuries of staunch materialism, we live in a world where magick still exists. 

Magick: Science we still don’t understand

Arthur C. Clark, one of the brightest science-fiction authors (and a scientific himself) of the past century once said:

 “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick”. 

This luminous adage shines light over what every single true scientist out there knows best: science does not know all the answers to all questions.

Looking back to human history, we had to wait up until the 18th century to have an accurate description of a phenomenon so notorious and evident as gravity. We had to wait up until the 20th century before reaching our closest celestial body. 

And it makes you wonder: what else could we discover, what else could we reach, if only we were pushing science in the right direction? 

What if magick is just science we are yet to comprehend?

In Episode 11: ‘What The Eff Is Magick Anyways?’, we are going to be discussing the main characteristics of the mind of the Magician, how it differentiates from the mind of the Boddhisatva, and the powerful mind-matter interaction! 

This episode will take you deep into the concept of Magick and how it differentiates from your traditional Manifestation. You’ll get to understand the fundamental differences between operating on the individual subconscious to operating on the collective mind, the many symbolic systems, and the different languages of magick. 

And we can’t wait to answer your questions, so drop them in the comments down below and make sure to join us at The Prysm Institute Of Quantum Alchemy!

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Episode 11: What The Eff Is Magick Anyways?
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And if you want to dig deeper into your magickal practice, make sure to join us at The Prysm Institute Of Quantum Alchemy. 

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Radical love and discontinuous light

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