Life inside the hamster wheel

I used to be a peak-performance corporate businesswoman. Back in my day, I was one of the very few women in my age range who was hitting six figures. In my tiny city, this was practically unheard of. 

I embodied the definition of girlboss. I embodied THE man. 

And of course, I had it all. I had the year-end bonuses, the fancy clothes, the fast cars, and the first-class flights. I even had a fiancé.

And of course, I was EXHAUSTED. 

Because even when my engagement (and my life) fell apart, I kept working. Even when I was crying myself to sleep, I kept working. 

Crippling from exhaustion, I would take a walk, gush a Redbull, and I would keep working way beyond midnight. 

Because it was easier for me to work than making my way through the pain. It was easier for me to work than facing the fact that I was burning the prime-time of my life working for the man. 

How many times have you pushed yourself to the office, even when you’re feeling sick? How many times have you felt guilty for taking a break, even when you’re feeling exhausted?

It is only until recent years that I have discovered that performance and hustle are not the same things. That productivity and grinding are not related concepts. 

And it is only until recent years that I have discovered how far we can actually reach when we let go of the ideas of unworthiness and fear; how much more we can achieve when we listen and work accordingly to the messages of our bodies.

Re-learning your work culture

Overcoming the over masculinization of the times being is no small feat. Session after session, Cian and I have gotten the opportunity to guide many beautiful souls in their way out of the exploitative schemes of corporative structures and the modern world.

Interestingly enough, much of the ties people face when trying to break free from grind culture are actually coming from within. Even when working in privileged possitions that would actually allow them to slow dow, many people don’t find another way to their lives but to push harder.

The thing is, ever since the rise of industrialization and capitalism (and even before), our collective subconscious has been undermined with ideas associating self-worth with net-worth productivity. 

These concepts run so deep in our collective mind, that they have shaped the way billions of people go about their lives every day. They hold the power structures that exhaust the material and spiritual resources of this realm. 

And in such a state of things, one of the most disruptive acts one can do is to take a break. 

Free of guilt, free of shame, allowing the body to express itself once again it’s the first step to regain control over one own’s life. 

It is the first step to living our best possible life.

And once we start honoring the body we inhabit, we unlock the true potential of our being. 

Anchored in our self-worth, we become truly productive. 

Peak performance, no burn out. 

Achieving the balance between the masculine and feminine energies of our soul requires us to take conscious actions every single day. This happens through the recognition that while we won’t change the systems in power in a matter of days, we can actually shift OUR reality in this precise instant. 

In Episode 12: ‘Escaping The Hamster Wheel’ Cian and I discuss the cultural narratives that keep most of humanity trapped in these unhealthy work-and-leisure cycles. Here, we’ll reflect on the importance of the body in overcoming these over masculine patterns, the energy in the actions, and the best ways to take a break. 

Through our personal experience, you’ll get to learn how to identify the resistance in your body (and its different meanings) as well as the foundational practices we teach to inculcate healthy working routines. 

And if you want to dig deeper into your magickal practise, make sure to join us at The Prysm Institute Of Quantum Alchemy. 

See you in the field, lightbender!

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Episode 12: Escaping The Hamster Wheel
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Relaxed love and peaceful light

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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