The Quest For Immortality

A common trope of Arthurian Literature and contemporary pop culture, the quest for the Holy Grail is one that has kept scholars, mystics, and historians interested over the centuries. A motive of paintings, murals, and tapestry, the chase after immortality has remained a staple in the collective mind, igniting conspiracy theories, alternative storylines, and more. 

And while this all might sound like a matter of pure religious, historical fiction, this quest for immortality is still pretty relevant in today’s world. As tech lords are searching for ways to upload our consciousness to synthetic, replaceable bodies, the questions that arise from the mind-body problem become ever more present in our culture. 

A matter of vessels, the quest of The Holy Grail and the reach of immortality pose important questions about the relationship between our subtle and our physical bodies. Can we have one without the other? How do they communicate? 

Immortality or Longevity? 

We might not live long enough to have the answer to some of these questions. Truth is, we don’t need to be immortal to understand the secrets behind immortality. As with many other metaphorical symbols of mystics and alchemical traditions, the Holy Grail and its transformative waters are already available for those with eyes to see. 

Because immortal, we already are; karmic traditions teach us the cyclical nature of our being. So what is the deal with the Holy Grail? What were the knights of King Arthur and the Templars fighting for? 

What these heroic tales tell is the quest for a life worth living for. Is the quest for making the most out of the body we were given. Is the quest to conquer both our subtle and our physical realms.

The quest for the holy grail is, in short, the quest for longevity. 

The Fountain of the Eternal Youth

For a long time, science has understood aging as… Well… Aging. Linking the weathering of the physical body to the chronological sequence of time was the only way we had to explain this phenomenon. It is only until recent years that science has caught up with the variety of factors that play a role in the wearing of the physical body.

Nowadays, we understand things as simple as our habits. Our diet. And our environment. Play a major role in the way our bodies hold up over time. We now understand that stress is probably the main factor involved in the detriment of our physical capabilities.

The many cults Society has Surrendered to…

Yet, most people won’t do anything about it. Humanity has surrendered to the cult of science, cosmetology, prescriptive medicine, and superfoods, mastering in dealing with the symptoms, instead of looking at the sickness 

But the secrets of the Holy Grail have survived through the centuries; Available for those who know how to read in between the lines. The keys to a better, more fulfilling, lengthy life, are at the reach of your own will. 

In Episode 13: ‘The Holy Grail’, Cian and I discuss our findings over the true nature of this ancient relic. We share our personal experience using the Grail. The transformative impact it has had in our life, and the recent scientific findings that support our claims. 

Not only we’ll provide you with evidence of what we’ve discovered is the source of youth. (And my highly requested skincare routine!). But we’ll teach you how YOU can start to implement the practice of the Holy Grail and change your life; RIGHT NOW. With only 5 minutes of daily practice, you’ll learn the secrets to a more harmonious life!

And for expanding your magickal practice (and more esoterical relic hunting!), don’t forget to join us at The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy!

We can’t wait to meet you there!

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Episode 13: The Holy Grail - Quest for Immortality?
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Holy love and immortal light,

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