Consciously In Love

Relationship. Consciousness. Love is indivisible from the human experience. From our physical bodies to our spiritual essence, we are designed to experience love and connection. Energy more powerful than a thousand nuclear reactors, love is the very essence of life and creation.

As such, it is the ultimate source of all myths, tales, and stories. The ideas we collectively hold about love have transformed through times, ranging from the heroic tales of Ancient Greece to the more sugar-coated adventures portrayed by Disney. 

As our collective subconscious evolves, so do our ideas of love. With more and more people ascending into spirituality, our concept of love has shifted and adapted. No longer love is held by the standards of Prince Charming or Sleeping Beauty: we now think of love as the potential of two (or more!) souls journeying together through the path of spirituality. 

Even though this concept is based on cooperation and mutual nurturing, many people well advanced down the path find it difficult to hold long-lasting, happy relationships. Time after time, we see soul mates falling apart once out of the Honeymoon Phase. 

Is love not in alignment? 

The Spiritual Bypass

When two (or more!) souls that firmly step in their truth meet, a special kind of chemical reaction takes place in the universe. The light that sparks from these hearts resonating it’s one hard to ignore: the magnetism is evident and the passion is imminent. 

But what happens when all this energy fades away? What happens when the honeymoon is over, and which once sounded as a heavenly chorus turns into a griming dissonance? 

For many people, this is the signal to run away. 

After all, you’ve done the work, right? 

Why would you have to push so hard to be with someone you love? It should be easy. 

You firmly know what you want, and you know what you don’t: it makes no sense to be fighting all time time. It makes no sense to disagree with the one you love the most. It makes no sense to feel hurt all the time. 

Because a conscious relationship should feel like a ‘HELL YEAH’, all the time. 


Well, not exactly.

Because a conscious relationship it’s not about a never-ending honeymoon, nor about meeting a partner who would never disagree with you. 

A conscious relationship it’s not about the absence of triggers, but about your ability to navigate and grow from them. 

The beauty of conscious relationships lies in trusting you’re both parts of a greater work. 

True Love: Holding the mirror

There are different ways to advance in spirituality. You can suppress yourself from the outside world, and curate your environment into a peaceful prison. No stimulus, no triggers. 

Easy, right? But it doesn’t sound like the regular life most of us live (or want to live, anyway). 

Another option is to navigate through the marketplace. People will scream at you, step on your toes, and push all of your buttons. Sometimes it will be by accident, sometimes by intentions. Sometimes will be a total stranger, sometimes will be your partner. 

You would have to endure and learn a lot on this path. And this is not that easy to do. But it’s the life most of us are choosing to live: spiritually and embodied. 

And in the way, you decide to journey through spirituality, lies the secret to holding a healthy, conscious relationship. 

Because relationships are the only way we get to navigate through our trauma and to help others overcome their personal karmas. 

Because as long as you hold the mirror for the one you love, you will be doing a work greater than any pleasure in this realm. And if you let them do the same for you, you’re setting yourself to become your highest self.

And this is what conscious love is for.

In ‘Episode 14: 5 Tips To Survive Your Conscious Relationship’ Cian and I discuss the main ideas that are limiting people from holding healthy, nurturing connections. We debunk the myths that are haunting most contemporary relationships, as we navigate through our personal experience dealing with trauma and personal karma.

In this episode, we are putting our hand in the fire, dealing with the ego narratives that are keeping many of our friends from karmic connections. We’ll highlight the importance of polarity and disagreement, the complementary nature of trauma, and the questions you need to ask yourself before investing your energy into a relationship. 

Not only this, but you’ll get to learn the five principles we’ve practiced to keep our very own connection alive!

And if you’re looking for a spiritual community to move forward in your spiritual practice, make sure to join us at The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy!

We can’t wait to meet you there!

Conscious love and harmonious light,

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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