Trusting your heart

If It Doesn’t Make Any Sense, Do it! We all come to this world with a purpose. We all have lessons to learn in this transit we call life. 

Everything we could ever need to fulfill this purpose, we already have within our hearts. A magickal receptor, our hearts are the sensor we use to communicate with the subtle realm. 

You have probably already experienced this connection.

The heart reacts to the world around it. It gets bubbly and vibrating when it finds something that brings joy, and it contracts and sinks when something doesn’t feel right! Your heart is constantly communicating with you, showing you the way through this world.

Messages of the Heart!

But the messages of the heart sometimes can be confusing. Sometimes they can’t be hard to comprehend for our rational mind. This cryptic way of communication is no reason to underestimate the wisdom that pours from the subtle into our hearts. 

We are complex beings, our brains are constantly rushed with tons and tons of information to process. Sometimes, to get through all that, our hearts need to call our attention in irrational ways. 

If it doesn’t make any sense.

If you can’t wrap your head around it.

And, if it feels like jumping right into the unknown.

Then you can be sure it’s divine. 

Don’t underestimate the material world

Asceticism’s a common trope on the spiritual path. Getting rid of the chains to the material world is often presented as the first step to embark on ascension.

While there are valid reasons behind that reasoning, often than not the desire for physical stuff and pleasures is twisted to be perceived as a hindrance on the Great Work, one of the many fabrications of Ego. 

If this belief is sustained radically, the rejection of the three-dimensional world becomes an obstacle in itself. 

If you were to think of your life as a videogame, the 3D, Newtonian world is the ‘sandbox’ you came here to play in.

You, a multidimensional being, have the opportunity to explore a world full of sensations, objects, people, and much more. Like a pinball ball getting score with each collision, each experience in this realm has the potential to shift and shape your path into something else. 

There is no shame!

And if you understand every single particle of this realm as a potential part of your journey, would you feel shame over desiring to experience some of it? 

Would you feel shame for desiring a pair of shoes or a sports car? 

In ‘Episode 15: If It Doesn’t Make Any Sense, Do it!’ we explore the role of physical desires within the heart. Through our personal, lived experience, we get to understand how beautiful and intricate the messages of the heart can be, and how the physical and the spiritual realm intertwine.

This episode is about exploring the divine connection with your guides, how to recognize the call of your heart, and the importance of honoring these messages. We’ll debunk some of the myths surrounding physical desires and how to trust the path they put you in.  

See you on the field, lightbender!

Physical love and divine light,

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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