Monkey sees, monkey does

Episode 16 – Welcome! If you were to strip down your being down to the physical matter, what would be left would be not so different than a monkey or any other mammal. The body that our spirit inhabits to navigate this realm is nothing more sophisticated than an animal: an avatar of flesh and bone.

Harmonious coexistence within the Body happens through understanding this fact: that the animal will always be an animal. As an animal, the body learns how to behave, act and react by watching its peers in action. Just as monkeys, dogs, or almost any other creature on the face of this Earth do; The Body learns its codes through socialization.

“Tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you who you are”, the saying goes. And like in many cases of popular wisdom, the truth behind the phrase is deeper than most people seem to tell.

You see, before the memories of a self-developed within the human, they were subject to a lot of conditioning from their parents, whoever raised them, and society (read: TV). TV while entertaining (ie. the Hook), has so much programming in it we laughingly call “drama” that teaches us how to “Human”.

This is why is so crucial to be critical of the energies we expose the body to. This is why it can be so hard to leave The Matrix.

The war for your mind

However, we no longer live in small, tribal groups. Most of us, live in crowded, overpopulated cities. We attend public schools, and we fill the blank spaces of our days with the endless stream of content in the palm of our hands.

As our socialization mechanisms are torn out to pieces and saturated with patterns and narratives that honour the values of nobody (in the best case scenario), we must train our Bodies to filter down all the crap that isn’t serving us.

Unplug yourself

In many cases, the programming we are receiving through TV and media does not obey a dark intention. Often than not, what we are receiving are memes, traces of belief systems, and narratives that have endured space and time, and now reach us through our screens.

Regardless of that, we absorb them fully, especially when we are kids, or watching them unconsciously. They have the power to condition our Bodies and shape our interactions. While most people don’t notice this (they have fully assimilated them); The impact these ideas can have on our subconscious is hard to overcome.

In Episode 16: Why You Should Unplug Your TV!, Sophie and I discuss the impact these narratives have had on our relationship. We compare our experiences growing outside and inside of the belly of the beast, the role of TV on the different stages of Enlightenment, and our favourite shows!

This episode is all about sharpening your Sword of Discernment. Coming back to the marketplace, and overcoming the limiting beliefs society has inoculated into you. We will teach you how we use TV as a tool to enrich our magickal practices. And how you too can enjoy your casual show without fear of being programmed!

Enjoy Episode 16 of the AYL Podcast, and, see you on the field, lightbenders!

Discerning love and pristine light,
Cian, Sophie & The Prysm Team

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