Sex, love, and power. Years of experience counseling relationships have led me to the conclusion that Sex and Money are the Achille’s Heels of most partnerships. The dynamics that stem from unhealthy beliefs around these two energies often than not lead to conflict and breaking of the bond. 

What is interesting about this is that most of the time the underlying cause of conflict is not the lack of money or sex in the relationship. While real scarcity can create a rough soil for a relationship to blossom, what most partners face manifests not on their 3D reality, but on their mindsets. 

The beliefs people hold about money often lead to feelings of powerlessness, insecurity, and unworthiness in the relationship. Under these feelings, conflict becomes the only way to regain a sense of control. Scarcity cripples our trust in ourselves. 

How can we trust and surrender to our partners when we believe we are unworthy? 

Money vs Sex, Hard work vs Pleasure

Healing the scarcity mindset within a relationship is the first step towards a healthy, nurturing connection. Regaining our sense of deservedness and opening our hearts to receive is fundamental for wealth and a magickal sex life!

The problem is, we live in a society that only seems to reward hard-working, hustling fellows.  

A society that tells you that your time is money.

A society that teaches you that you don’t deserve it unless you earn it. 

And, a society that pits your productivity against your pleasure.

This mindset penetrates so deep into our subconscious mind that it dictates the way we live our relationships. 

It shapes the way we have sex.

How can you be deserving of pleasure, if you have not worked for it? 

Grind culture infests not only our work environments but our relationships as well. The over masculinization of society has pushed sex and creativity out of the way for the sake of net worth and profit.
The funny thing is, Money and Sex are two sides of the same coin. And as much as society tries to antagonize them, they’ll find their way back together!

Say it with me: I deserve it. Good sex, big money. 

Healing your relationship with money (thus, sex) happens through recognizing and believing you deserve it. 

While this is not as simple as simply affirming ‘I deserve it’, stating your own worth it’s a powerful way to rewrite the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from wealth.

Back in the day, money used to be indexed to gold. The worth of your bills would be as valuable as the ingots in the bank’s safe.

Nowadays, the value of money is based solely on trust. Trust of worth. This is especially true with cryptocurrencies!

What is interesting about this is that you don’t have to own a bunch of gold in order to have money. Nowadays, Money is all about energy and connection. Just like sex!

And as you open yourself to money and settle the foundations of your platform, you’ll find yourself much more able to receive pleasure and even more money!

But it all starts from believing you’re deserving of it.

On this week’s episode of ‘Alchemize Your Life’, Marie Magdalena Wolf (@mariemagdalenawolf), a Sacred Sexuality, Neo-Tantra specialist, joins us to discuss the intricate connection between Sex and Money, and how they affect your relationship! 

Episode 17: ‘How Sex And Money Are Affecting Your Relationship’ is all about overcoming the scarcity mindset, the importance of building communities to support your journey, and the quest to regain your power!

This is a very special episode, where you’ll get to learn how to identify the symptoms of scarcity and disempowerment! Alongside Marie, you’ll take the first steps towards healing your intimacy and opening yourself for abundance (and great sex!).

We are so excited for you to hear it!

And see you on the field, lightbender!

Orgasmic love & abundant life,

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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