Elon Musk just did a thing!

Communicating in the Age of Censorship

The rise of digital spaces quickly took over physical spaces as the place where one can share, discuss and confront ideas and points of view. While back in the day the Greeks would meet at the Agora to put their theories up to the test, nowadays it is Twitter where philosophers, scientists, politicians, the commoners, and beyond, all hit the marketplace.

Born from democratic principles, access to this kind of platform has become a fundamental right of the modern age. Social networks have transcended beyond a matter of access to a service, but a true way to exercise freedom of speech.

Yet, this vision has been corrupted.

The social networks born from the desire for freedom have fallen prey to the interest of the powers that be. Censorship, shadow banning, and the regime of the algorithm have become the rule of the land, undermining the democratic principles of these spaces.

While most people can’t but comply helplessly within this regime,

What happens when you try to censor the richest man in the WORLD?

Elon Musk is changing the game

If you have been anywhere near the news, you’ve probably heard about the last power move Elon Musk just did. If not, let me update you.

In the blink of an eye, Musk became the biggest, single shareholder of Twitter.com

With a whopping 9.2% of the total shares, Elon Musk now owns more of Twitter than his founder and former CEO.

But what is so special about this? Don’t rich people buy big companies all the time?

Well, yes.

But Musk buying on Twitter represents the biggest ‘F*CK YOU!’ modern history has ever seen, at least for a long time.

After a years-long censorship battle between Musk and the government of the USA, the board of directors of his own company, and Twitter itself (with an endless string of inflammatory tweets), Elon Musk decided to take the bull by the horns and become the biggest, loudest voice on Twitter’s board of directors.

While the implications of this massive shift are yet to be seen, one can not but recognize the magnitude of Musk’s move against systematic censorship within digital spaces.

To put things in perspective, Elon Musk now owns the biggest single piece of the platform where the former U.S. President can’t log in.

What does this tell you about power?

What can we, the spiritual people, learn from Elon Musk?

Money is the answer

You may not agree with Elon Musk as a persona, you may not share his values or his beliefs, but if you’re on the spiritual path, there’s something people like us share with people like him: we have a vision. 

But unlike Elon Musk, most spiritual people lack the power to actually bring that vision to life. They lack the power to actually shift the course of the river of reality.

And this is where Money comes in.

Elon Musk did not only sit down to meditate a visualize the world he wanted to live in. He visualized it and he took the decisions, the failures, and the opportunities that got him to have enough fucking money to actually do something about it. 

Because it does not matter if your vision is as grandiose as safeguarding freedom of speech and preserving mankind through interplanetary travel, or if it simply implies birthing a new spiritual school that brings people closer to The Great Work; the fact of the matter is that you’re going to need money to make it happen. 

You’re going to need power.


Who are the narratives about money being ‘bad and corrupt’ serving? 

Who are the ideas of having ‘just enough money to ‘get by’ serving?

To the people who want to change the world, or to the ones who want to keep it the same?

In Episode 18: Elon Musk Just Did WHAT!? we are going to dissect the mindset the elites have used for millennia to rule this world. 

Are you ready to dismantle the beliefs that keep spiritual people from achieving their vision?

Are you ready to let go of the scarcity traps that entangle so many people walking along The Path?

We need good people making good money. 

Powerful love & unbreakable light,

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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