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Two ways of making decisions

There’s one universal, widely accepted truth: in spirituality, there’s not one singular energy. Every single manifestation of energy has its corresponding pair. Masculine and feminine. Light and dark. Flow and structure. Day and night. Yin and yang.  No being, exists purely as the expression of one or the other. 

The Path requires consciously integrating both aspects into the Being. This is why humans thrive when walking the middle path. This is where modern spirituality schools are doing most of their research. 

Ancient spiritual traditions tend to focus on only one side of the equation. While both Eastern and Western lineages both derive from the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, they usually prefer one side over the other. Eastern lineages such as Buddhism thrive on diving deep into the feminine, light energy. On the other hand, western Hermetic lineages thrive on pushing the boundaries of the masculine, dark energy. 

These distinctions lead to two different world views over the same matter. While Eastern traditions trust in the nurturing nature of the universe to provide for them, Western traditions believe in their power to manipulate the fabric of reality to get what they want.

These visions affect the way their practitioners make decisions. In Eastern traditions, what is meant to be, will eventually be. No matter how long will it take, the best one can possibly do is to gently wait for it. 

In Western traditions, decisions are a little bit more solid. What is meant to be, will be, and one actually has the power and the responsibility to go out and make it happen. 

One way or the other, both traditions understand the field as nothing but co-creation: where they part ways is in the role the individual plays in the process of co-creating. 

Overcoming victimhood through aligned decisions

As more and more people approach The Great Work and the middle path becomes the way to go, one of the most common questions that arise is how to understand when to step into one power or the other: how to decide when it is time to push, or when it is time to flow. 

To simply follow your heart is common advice within spiritual circles. 

But what does it means?

How does it feel? 

The first thing one has to understand is that co-creation means that the universe is constantly communicating with us. Everything that happens in our life, has a meaning. Being curious about this meaning is the only way to understand our part in the broad picture and overcome the victimhood mindset. 

Growing from “Why is this happening?”, to “What is the universe trying to teach me through this?” is a small step for a man, but huge for mankind. 

If you get out of your own way and allow the universe to tilt your attention through circumstances, you will find the answers unraveling with much more ease. 

Deciding to push or to flow, then will become a matter of pure curiosity. How does it feel to push against this? How does it feel to flow alongside this? 

As you grow confident in the overarching narrative the universe is weaving for you, you will find yourself much more comfortable trying different approaches to the circumstances you’re facing. 

Learning to make decisions from example

Life being a complex tapestry of nuances, shades, and textures, it is impossible to create replicable formulas to make aligned decisions. When talking about following your heart, it is purely a matter of mindset that will take you there.

Yet, we believe that if we embody these principles, we can help you apply them to your own life. On ‘What We Learned From Our House Going On Fire’, the brand new episode of the Alchemize Your Life Podcast, we are going to be sharing a story from our personal life where we practiced listening to the universe and actively shaped our timeline.

This episode is all about learning to co-create with the circumstances, overcoming crazy obstacles (fire, lawyers, and a swarm of flies!), and keeping the eye of our minds on the goal in our hearts!

We really hope this helps you understand how to tune in with the universe and facilitate all your decisions! 

We love you!

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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