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In this very first episode, Episode 2: What does Karen have to do with The Matrix, NPCs and the Great Awakening?, we dive into a discussion about the Great Awakening, and some of the shadows that come along with spiritual life.

This is an explosive and insightful second chapter, in which:

  • We dive deep into the Karen Archetype, and why so many spiritual people seem very unspiritual when discussing those who are still ‘plugged into the Matrix’.
  • We discuss key topics in this episode are shadow work, compassion, awakening, and the hermetic principles of vibration, polarity and rhythm.
  • And, we talk about the forces behind The Great Awakening, our role in the maintenance of the fabric of reality…

Are you ready for the GREAT Awakening?

OF COURSE, there will be some awesome giveaways along the way! So… MAKE SURE TO STAY TILL THE VERY END!!!

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