Nowadays, magick has become mainstream. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, no matter where you look at! In every corner, there is a magician willing to teach you a wide range of magickal practices. From tarot, pendulum, and divination to more advanced forms of manifestation, esoteric teachings have abandoned the fringes of society to jump right into the limelight. 

Becoming a successful magician

If so many people have access to some of the most powerful magickal practices that exist, why there are not that many successful magicians out there? Why is it that so many people find themselves stuck in their craft? Why are so many magicians looping around the same challenges again and again? 

I can tell you for sure, it is not because the magickal practices don’t work. Magick has been studied and refined to achieve successful results for millennia. The teachings we receive nowadays are the results of thousands of years of research and evolution. 

The answer to these questions lies in the tools we use to practice magick. 

The mind of the magician

What is the main, most powerful tool a magician can use? Wands, orbs, crystals, pendulums, and tarot cards are all plausible answers to this question. Yet, the most powerful tool a magician can use is not something they can obtain from the physical world. This tool lies within themselves. 

The most powerful tool of a magician is their mind.

In an age specifically designed to fracture your focus, it can be challenging to train your mind. Under these circumstances, it is no wonder that aspiring magicians face an uphill battle trying to master their magickal craft. 

Despite the obstacles of the modern world, the mind of the magician is not far from reach. Those who make up their mission to attain it are set to success. The mind of the magician can be obtained through the regular practice of a rather common spiritual practice. 

Can you guess what we are talking about? 

Meditation and the mind of the magician

Meditation is one of the many spiritual practices that has crashed into the mainstream. Creating a dense cloud of misinformation as it lands down in the marketplace, there are lots of misconceptions around it. 

While a lot of people think of it as merely a stress-relief mechanism, most people find it a rather challenging practice. Usually, people think of meditation as flushing the mind of all thoughts and holding the void for as long as possible. 

Truth is, meditation is the fastest, most efficient method available to prepare the main for any magickal practice. The misconceptions around meditation have kept a lot of people from a fundamental practice for the development of a successful magickal practice. 

The benefits of meditation

While the neurological benefits of meditation have been widely discussed, the magickal implications of meditation are not so well-known. For this very reason, a lot of magicians out there find themselves unable to advance in their craft.

In The Most Powerful Tool Of A Magician’ Sophie and I discuss why meditation is such a fundamental practice for any aspiring magician. We’ll go through the different kinds of meditation, break down the proper technique for you to follow, and elaborate on the effects this practice has on the development of the mind of the magician. 

In this episode, we’ll go beyond the neurological aspects of meditation and we’ll focus on the magickal implications of this practice. If you have found yourself hitting a roadblock in your magickal practice, this might be the answer for you! 

Lightbenders, we really hope this helps you unleash your magickal power!

Epicly and magickally yours,
Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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