Zooming Out in Times of Crisis. We are living in tumultuous times. Back in Ancient Greece, ostracizing was an important ritual within society: a mechanism to ensure no member was getting ‘too hot’. Too loud. 

The Spanish Inquisition took it a step further. All it took was a single accusation to send your enemies to a tribunal without a right to self-defense.

Historically, fear and division have always been instrumentalized to silence the voice of those who were brave enough to speak up against the status quo. 

The ones brave enough to question the ways things are being done. 

Brave enough not to conform. 

Brave enough to point out what is evident in plain sight. 

Nowadays, this archaic practice is taking over our societies. Day after day, we are seeing people getting ostracized from their communities. People getting denied their uppermost basic human rights. 

The ones who are brave enough to question ‘why?’ are shadowbanned not only from social media but from society itself.

Having an opinion has become a problem for those who hold the power. Questioning the mass media narrative has become a golden ticket to oblivion. 

We’ve been told we should be more ‘responsible’ with the things we say on social media.

We’ve been deemed to be a threat to public health.

AND, We’ve been deemed to be sociopaths. 

Just for speaking our mind. Just for having an opinion.

Not sharing advice. Not giving orders. And, not dictating mandates. 

Simply speaking our mind. Having an opinion. 

Having a voice. Episode 4: ‘Zooming Out in Times of Crisis’

In Episode 4: ‘Zooming Out in Times of Crisis’ you will get to hear a raw conversation, which Cian stealthily recorded while we were discussing the current state of the world. Here, we debated the way fear is being instrumentalized to create division, how the media is utilized for mass control, and the way the educational system has failed us in giving us the tools to create our own freedom. 

This conversation was not scripted nor intended to become a podcast episode. This was not meant to be consumed.

But we believe it is important that we have these kinds of conversations out there in the open. It is important for us that we can lead by example. 

Even if you don’t agree with what we are saying (it is better if you don’t!), having these conversations in times like these is a need.

We are not here to conform to what we are told. 

We are not here to obey without questioning.

And, we are here to speak up. 

Dear Lightbender, we deeply hope you enjoy this and don’t take anything of what we say as truth! This is just to souls shamelessly putting their hands in the fire!

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Your voice matters.

Rebellious love and indomitable light,

Steph, Cian & The Prysm Team. 

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