Peeking behind the curtains. 

Peeling the layers of reality it’s a rather painful process.

Getting to the core of the simulation requires us to examine the programming that we’ve been given from the external world. 

It is not easy to let go of what makes us, us. These stories run so deep, that bringing them to light requires a rather challenging process. 

Usually, the universe grants us the opportunity to update our beliefs systems every once in a while.

You probably have already lived through many of these cycles. The ups and downs. The revelations that lie at the deep end. The rebirth after hitting rock bottom. 

Those reprogramming cycles usually involve some kind of suffering. They can’t be bootstrapped (not without some spiritual whiplash!). 

When you feel the pain, you’re encouraged to find another way. You’re encouraged to find the truth. 

Some people numb themselves, and they dig deeper into the story that’s creating the resistance in the first place. But some people follow the path of enlightenment, where you’re pushed to peek behind the curtain.

You’re pushed to see the source of your suffering.

And it’s all an illusion.

Breaking past grind-culture

If you reduce them to their core, most of the suffering we are seeing nowadays in the world is related to money. 

In notorious ways, our relationship with money is far from ideal. On a global scale, inequality is the name of the game.

But if suffering means The Universe is trying to teach us something, wouldn’t this mean we need to take a peek behind the concept we hold of money? That we need to evaluate our relationship with this energy? 

It is with great perplexity that we have found, even within spiritual communities, that the beliefs we as a society hold about money, manage to update themselves and adapt to the brand-new narrative of the self: one of spirituality, energetics, and universal laws. 

Even with the understanding of money as the material manifestation of the sacred energy of the heart (the manifestation of the relationships we held between each other), we have found that the ghost of grind-culture and hustle still haunts the heart of many lightworkers.

Crypto: The Reflector

Crypto has been the reflector shining a light on the shadows. 

‘Episode 6: The Crypto In The Mirror’ finds us discussing the great resistance we have found within the spiritual community to the idea of passive income. Here, we’ll take a shot at dismantling the stories of self-worth and the limiting beliefs that are hindering a whole generation from aligning themselves with life-changing, impactful wealth. 

In this episode, nothing’s off the hook: we’ll examine the life and work of Mother Teresa as a counterpoint against grind-culture, the actual dynamics of money, and the loving, nourishing nature of the Universe itself. 

Are you ready to open your heart to life-changing wealth? Episode 6: ‘The Crypto In The Mirror’ is YOURS now!

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EPISODE 6: The Crypto In The Mirror
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We want you to open the doors of wealth. We want you to have the time and energy to accomplish your true mission.

There’s more than hustling to this life. 

You just have to let it happen!

Prosperous and Abundantly yours

Steph, Cian & The Prysm Team. 

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