Goddess. In. The. Flesh. The wait is over!

Probably one of our most awaited episodes yet; The final piece of the story of our journey down to Peru is out there in the open!

Coming to an end, this whole journey it’s an exploratory essay of the mechanisms of ego. It’s the framing of a great escapist, the capture of the elusive reflection of our own shadow.

While on the last episode we deep-dived on Cian’s tale, conquering his demons through love and becoming love himself, this one deals with the self-limiting narratives of the self: the debilitating patterns that can hinder your path of self-actualization, even through Ayahausca!

Sophie’s Journey

Episode 8: ‘A Goddess In The Flesh (Peru, Pt. 2)’ tells the full journey Sophie went through to get down to the arms of Mama Aya.

From the ecstatic channelling of the divinity itself to the sudden, sublime end on the road, this episode will take you through the dirt and the bile of a purging soul to discover the revelations that took her to the next level of her evolution.

You’ll get to learn the epiphanies that led Sophie to get rid of the outside world expectations and live off honouring her true, divine self.

Ayahuasca and plant medicine

This episode dwells back to the early explorations with Ayahuasca and plant medicine we first had in Winnipeg that led us to the more intense and profound experiences down in Peru.

By going deep into our personal experience we get to reveal the disruptive nature of our patterns, how they affect our process and how our instability can trigger the fears of the ones around us!

This journal dives deeps into all the details you’ve been dying to know. This is our visceral download transmitted directly from the deep heart of the jungle. An open window to the most transformative spiritual experience we have shared ever since we are together.

If you want to learn more about the spiritual practices we discuss on this episode (if you’re looking to get in touch with this community down in Peru!) or if you want to share your own experience with plant medicine, don’t hesitate and reach out to us on The Prysm Institute Of Quantum Alchemy!

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Episode 8: A Goddess In The Flesh (Peru Pt. 2)
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Until the next episode!

Earthly love and healing light,
Sophie, Cian, and The Prysm Team

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