If you reduce it to its essential dynamics, manifestation works pretty much like computer programming. With the right instructions and parameters, you can get an exact result from the universe! But unlike computer programming, in manifestation, you’re dealing with an open, unlimited field of variables! For this reason, manifestation can feel a little bit like gambling! Even so, there are some tricks you can learn to manifest the life of your dreams with laser-like precision…

Leaving room for magick

It is a well-known saying that the correct statement of a problem amounts to 50% of the solution to the problem. This principle not only applies to academia but in manifestation as well. The thing is, a lot of manifestation methods out there only focus on the other half of the equation! 

Nowadays, manifestation paradigms usually favor an overly-specific approach to manifesting. There’s nothing wrong with being specific with your manifestations. But obsessing over the details (a.k.a. obsessing over the solution of the problem!) often restrains the range of movements the universe can do to grant you your wish! 

To put it more clearly, let’s do an example. Imagine you were manifesting a caring, compassionate, kind, and loving partner. Under these parameters, the universe would have a rather large group of people to send your way. But if on top of that you DEMAND this lover to be a blue-eyed, nordic beauty, the thing changes. You would make the whole thing a lot harder on the universe’s side, reducing your chances to meet this person! 

Manifestation and the things that matter

This is not to say that we should not be specific in our manifestations. If we only use a broad brush to paint the picture of our desires, our manifestations might end up not being exactly what we expected. Take the previous example. If we do not give further definitions other than a general list of attributes we would love to have in a partner, our ideal companion might be a family member, a platonic friend, or even a fluffy pupperino! 

But dialing the level of definition is not the only thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your manifestations! Through trial and error, Cian and I have mastered the art of visualizing and attracting the life of our dreams! In the most recent Alchemize Your Life episode, we share how we refined this method to manifest the house of our dreams in Bali, Indonesia!

Through our experience manifesting dream houses (and some nightmares!) in Vancouver, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Indonesia, you will learn how YOU can take your manifesting game to the next level! We’ll reveal to you key reframes that have completely changed the way we manifest in our day-to-day life, as well as the main pitfalls and misconceptions you should avoid when asking for a miracle! 

We had a lot of fun recording this episode, and we hope you find it useful in your journey, padawan!

And if you’re looking for a place to grow and hone your magickal skills in, don’t forget to join us at The Prysm Institute Of Quantum Alchemy, where you’ll find a community of lightbenders just like you! We’ll love to see you there! 

Till the next episode!

With love and abundance,

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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