A lot of spiritual communities have dreamlike visions for this world: the New Earth and beyond. Paradoxically, a lot of these very same communities are really selective of the people who are allowed into these visions! 

The idea that if you don’t agree with their vision, you might as well be left out, is a common shadow that creeps on spiritual communities. When aiming to build a brand new world, one needs to ask, who is this mindset serving? 

This is just another step 

Breaking past the scientific, rational notions of the western mind can be an incredibly freeing experience. Getting to the spiritual, pluralistic mindset is what in Spiral Dynamics is known as going from the orange (rational) to the green (pluralistic) level of consciousness. 

This transition opens the door for the validity of the personal experience. All of the sudden, the scientific, third-party verified, objective truth dissolves to make space for as many truths as people are in the room. 

This is the place where most of the social vanguards stem from. From feminism to LGBTQ+ movements, the recognition and validation of the multiple expressions of the human experience inspires a breath of liberation and freedom in the people who get to this level of consciousness. 

Naturally, this blast of energy comes with its shadows. People at this level often cast judgment over those who can not see the world the way they see it. Some people even believe they have achieved the height of human consciousness, rendering them unable to perceive their own shadows!

Beyond being Spiritual

The challenge of evolving through the different stages of consciousness lies in accepting the ones before. Just as the rational mind rejects the magical mind, the pluralistic mind rejects the rational mind. In the case of the plural level, this conflict achieves a critical pressure point. The pluralistic mind excludes those who do not agree with its inclusiveness!

This paradox of the green mindset is the shadow that ultimately pushes consciousness toward the next level. Teal, or integral consciousness, is the level of acceptance and integration of all the previous stages.

On this level, you start to comprehend the role of each and every single one of the stages. This is where you are able to understand and integrate the lessons from the magical, the rational, and the pluralistic mind, without pitting them agaisnt each other. Of course, only a handful of spiritual people are ready for this level of consciousness. 

Taking the step

At this point, you’re probably wondering: what does it take to get to this level? The answer to this question is actually really simple. All you need to do is: 

Getting informed! 

In the most recent Alchemize Your Life episode, you’ll get to understand the characterístics and the pitfalls of the green and teal levels of consciousness. Moving on from the orange, rational mind, this episode picks up where the last one left us, ready to understand the late stages of human consciousness. 

This is the second of a two-part episode diving deep into Clare Grave’s Spiral Dynamics Theory. By the end of this episode, you’ll be able to understand the full journey of human consciousness, your current level, and the level of those around you! 

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We hope this episode empowers you in your journey!

With love, light, and infinite acceptance,
Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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