Pop the champagne because TODAY is my beloved Cian Kenshin’s BIRTHDAY! 

Today we celebrated a glorious start to a new solar year. (truth be told we’ll be celebrating for a few days, in a few different ways – because what’s the point of this human experience if not to enjoy it along the way?!).

Today we had a beautiful ritual at the precise moment of Cian’s birth. This is a big part of our horary astrology practices – working with the astrology down to the exact hour of an event. For Solar Returns, it is believed that the energy you hold during the exact hour of your solar return is the energy you will feel for the rest of the year! 

We focused on feeling grateful, expansive, magickal, and connected. 

Hop on over to our Facebook Group to send Cian some birthday love and let us know which energies you would focus on for your year? 

And, as you all know, we loooooove to celebrate with our incredible tribe – ie YOU, name! 

Which means we have a few gifts in store for you (Yes, we gift on our Birthday)! 

  1. Alchemize Your Life Podcast – you heard that right, Cian and I are FINALLY releasing a podcast after so many of you asked us for one. In this podcast you’ll get to enjoy us banter back and forth while discussing the mysteries of the universe, and applying them to everyday life. Episode 1 drops at 3:33 pm CT on Wednesday, November 10th. Find it here  (& on all your favourite streaming platforms
  1. The Prysm Summit Replays FREE – We were so inspired by the amazing impact of the Summit that we’ve opted to offer the replays of this powerful event absolutely FREE. By following the link below, you’ll have access to all three sessions (9 workshops in total from 8 different teachers), as well as extracted audio for Stephanie’s activation breathwork and Cian’s Tibetan Chod practice. Get your replay for free here.
  1. The Prysm Sigil NFT Collection! – Spirit has really outdone us on this one. As you know, creating generational wealth for this community is a HUGE focus of ours. It’s about time good people made good money, and had massive impact on this world! Crypto, and NFTs in particular, are a huge part of this. NFTs are especially potent because they offer the opportunity to increase in value over time. There is an initial energy exchange that serves both parties; But what follows as you age your collection is that the NFT increases in value. Just like fine art or wine! Now of course the caveat here is that the brand needs to actually increase in value – just like the artist or the vineyard producing the wine. But if you genuinely believe in the ability for an artist or a vineyard to grow and become valuable… Then, it makes absolute sense to purchase from them while they are small! This is why we’ve created NFTs – we see these as a fundamental way for us to give back to our tribe and create more wealth for them (YOU!). Just by doing the things we would be doing anyways. We are 100% convinced in the international development of the Prysm – it has been shown to us. NFT’s allow our earliest tribe members to “catch the wave” and join us on an epic evolution over the next decade. If you genuinely believe in the mission of the Prysm, and you’re in for the long haul; These NFTs’s might just be for you. Check out the collection here (and don’t worry, we’ll notify you when new ones come out!) 

Talk about the gifts that keep on giving! It has been an absolute delight to include each of these in this birthday message. 

Cian and I are SO DEEPLY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE IN THIS COMMUNITY. We continue to feel your energy, to hold you in our hearts, and… To transmit from spirit the messages that will help our community heal, thereby healing the world. 

From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU. 

We love you, 

Stephanie Jaie & Cian Kenshin 

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