What’s going up with the prices lately? 

Have you been out shopping these days? If you have, there is a high chance that you have noticed the price of EVERYTHING going up. Rent, houses, toys, food, gas, you name it, over the past few months, the cost of living has suddenly increased. 

In a matter of weeks, it seems like the money in your pocket has shrunk out of the blue. Like a bizarre trick of magic, your dollars now feel like pennies, and your trusty budget now falls flat against the rapid increase of the price of everything!

As the price of your regular goods and services increases; the dollars in your bank account become less valuable.  

Of course, some of these surges in the cost of living can be attributed to extraordinary, global phenomena (like disruptions in the distribution chains and the current hostilities on the global market), but what we are experiencing nowadays has, for the most part, domestic roots.

Inflation is the name of the game.  

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you probably don’t need me to tell you what we’re talking about: inflation has taken the media by storm. How could it not be so? This widespread malaise is a direct consequence of the economic measures taken by governments all around the world in recent years.

In order to keep the economy afloat through various stages of lockdowns and massive healthcare spending, the main global powers have been injecting inorganic money into their economies: stimulus checks, health care bonuses, rent subsidies, and much more. In the USA, about a third of the actual dollars circulating have been printed over the past two years. 

What does this mean for the common folk? With more money going into the economy but with the same amount of goods and services available, the price of those goods and services naturally goes up. This is inflation. 

If you’re having a hard time grasping the idea of the inflation, try following this example: 

Imagine a 4 bedroom apartment. You and three other flatmates share this apartment. By logic, you can deduce that right now, each one of you owns one bedroom. But what happens when you introduce more people into the same apartment? If you are now 8 people in a 4 bedroom apartment, each one of you now owns only half a bedroom!

In this example, each person represents the dollars, and the apartment represents the economy; introducing more dollars into the economy, without expanding it, results in a decrease in the value of each dollar! 

Why didn’t we notice inflation before? 

At this point, you’re probably wondering why it is just now that the price of things is going up: “Didn’t you just tell me that the government has been printing money all the way back to 2020?”

Well, yes. The thing is, inflation is a nasty thing to deal with, and no one wants to take the blame.

When inflation hits, companies and services providers are left with two options: outright increasing the prices (therefore, taking the blame), or hiding the increase in costs by silently modifying their products.

Often than not, companies take the second route, making use of a wide arsenal of strategies to camouflage this price increase from the common folk. Tweaks in the formulas (reducing quality) and repackaging are some of the common tricks companies use to put the price of inflation on the consumer.

You can this phenomenon rolling out in Venezuela, a country that is known for its long-lasting struggle with inflation!

This is how for the past two years, inflation has remained hidden from the plain eye. Now that the world shifts and convolutes around a new global conflict, governments and companies alike have found a culprit to finally unleash inflation onto the public. 

What can we do against inflation? 

If you want to protect yourself against inflation, you might want to take a look at what the top 1% is doing. Do you think inflation affects the likes of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? Their fortunes have massively increased over the past two years!

This is because inflation only really affects those who have their savings stored up in actual cash. The people who have $3k, $30k, or even $100k+ sitting in their bank accounts for a future rainy day. That’s because while the amount will stay the same, the amount you can buy with it will decrease over time. 

The ultra-rich and wealthy aren’t worried about inflation; they’re not storing their assets in cash. Their assets will be in stocks, bonds, companies, physical assets, property, art, you name it. But very very little will ever be held in cash – because no matter the market, cash is the worst place to hold your money.

If you want to protect yourself against inflation, you gotta be like the rich & wealthy and DIVERSIFY your savings. Diversification allows you to weather any storm: if one asset goes down, chances are another will go up! This gives you a little breathing room. 

How we protect ourselves against inflation

As part of our diversification portfolio and wealth management plan, Sophie and I have leaned heavily on crypto. Up until recently, this provided us with a stable long-term plan for our future financial sovereignty & global impact. 

And then, everything changed since The Plan came into our lives six months ago. The Plan offers an opportunity to not just hold your crypto for the long-term, but to actually make it work for you in the short term. 

This program, created by marketing mastermind Dan Hollings, will give you the tools you need to start generating life-changing passive income.

The best part? The Plan is not a fancy trading platform, nor a special kind of trading bot. It is not even a piece of software.

The Plan is a training program, the result of years and millions spent on the crypto market researching different methods to generate income.

With The Plan, you get the tools to take complete RESPONSIBILITY for your own financial future. 

Your invitation to The Plan

The doors of The Plan are opening once again VERY SOON, and we want to make sure that you’re ready to take the step towards your financial freedom. 

This is why we are inviting you to The Plan Live Webinar, where you’ll have the opportunity to make all the questions you need to take a proper, true, aligned, educated, and informed decision about whether to work with The Plan or not.

We will go through EVERYTHING we have learned from more than half a year of experience using this program: the possibilities AND the limitations! 

On the call we will cover: 

  • Mindset – how to make sure you’re going into this investment with a grounded, realistic mindset. 
  • The Plan Review – outline of the tool, we’ll show you our EXACT portfolio, and explain how the plan works, the associated costs, and any risks to watch out for. 
  • Q&A – We will answer every single question in the Q&A to ensure you are able to feel informed and confident. 

We really want to make sure that this is the right opportunity for you, so come with a curious mind and a courageous heart: this might be the thing that changes your life! 

See you on the field, lightbender! 

Cian, Sophie & The Prysm Team

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