I’m going to tell you a story. My story! Back in 2001, when I was just 21 years old, I started my first company. In our first year in business, we made over a million bucks! This company was the starting point of my financial career and is the reason why I deeply believe in automated trading systems. 

The early days of automated trading

Vertical Financial Group was a company that specialized in developing algorithmic stock market trading systems. Back in the day, we were one of the first companies dipping our toes into automated trading!

Of course, this was not 100% automated. The technology wasn’t there yet. But we did automate the strategies and the analysis of the market. This way, we could tell the humans trading exactly when, what, and how much to trade at any given time. 

My brother and I were on top of the development of these tools, and in 2007 we started playing with the idea of having a robot do the trading.

With new technologies available, more automation capabilities, and lower trading fees, everything seemed to be aligned with the introduction of automated, high-frequency trading bots into the market. 

We had the vision, but we ran out of time. We sold the company right before the crash, and we parted ways, embarking on new adventures! 

Yet, I never forgot the idea. 

Enter the Cryptocurrencies!

Fast forward to 2014, Bitcoin had been around for only 5 years and its price ranged around 300 bucks per coin. Only being adopted by the early visionaries and the geek-tech guys, I decided to give it try!

I bought about 8 coins at the time (which I lost, and I’m still looking for them!), and the whole thing seemed like the future!

Decentralized exchanges, minimum transactional fees, no government intromission, and fair levels of volatility. This was the perfect environment for the automated trading systems we had dreamed about! The crypto market was just right for it. 

So I began wondering. “Should I start writing code again? Should I put myself into it and make it happen?” I knew I could do it. I had done it before. But did I want to do it all by myself again?

Honestly, I didn’t want to. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else does all the hard work for me this time around?

Enter The Plan, by Dan Hollings!

When The Plan came around, I realized this was exactly what I was looking for. It was a  perfect combination of training, strategy, and technology. I wouldn’t have to figure it out by myself, Dan Hollings had already done the thing. 

For 5 years. he had dumped millions of dollars just trying, tweaking, and perfecting the automated trading system of my dreams. Not only did he figure the tech out, but he also developed a safe strategy that leverages and takes advantage of the volatility of the crypto market. 

Now, it was accessible to me, without having to go through all the learning, the coding, the mistakes, and all the stuff that I already did 20 years ago in the stock market.

The best part? It was available to me in the form of training.

Passive income like never before

Most passive income strategies out there (the good ones and the bad ones, they all look the same!), require you to give your money to somebody else. Basically, to trust someone’s ability to make more money out of your initial investment. Of course, this leaves the door open for scammers to take advantage of uncautious investors!

This is why investing in passive income strategies requires a cautious methodology. You gotta research them, who they are and what they do, for how long they’ve been doing it. All this busy work is something not everyone has the time (or the insight!) to do properly. 

But with The Plan, there’s really no need.

Because with The Plan, you won’t be giving your money to somebody else. The Plan is designed to teach you a very specific investment strategy, with tools available to ANYONE out there. In fact, The Plan is a variation of a well-known automated trading strategy, called grid trading. 

What Dan Hollings is offering you here is not a product or a platform. Is knowledge. The tools start your own investment. With The Plan:

  • The money never leaves YOUR account
  • You collect the earnings in whatever exchange YOU chose
  • The bots platform is run by a third-party company, and they connect to your account ONLY with trading capabilities.

On The Plan, you’re investing in yourself. It’s training. Nobody can’t take that away from you, and what you do with it is entirely up to you.

My results with The Plan automated trading

I first invested in The Plan back in November 2021, when the market was super hot. Bitcoin had reached an all-time high at more than 65.000 bucks per coin. There was so much activity on the market that my crypto bots went WILD. 

I had set 4 bots back then, at $3.000 each, and each bot was doing between 1% and 1.5% a DAY.  In a matter of a month, I had recovered the enrollment in the program! Of course, this was during a bull market. 

Still winning in a down market

Now, the prices have gotten down 50%, and my initial investment of $12.000 (distributed in 4 bots) turned into $6.000. But you only lose if you sell! And The Plan teaches you how to make money even in sideways and even down markets! 

And while the amount of dollars I have decreased, the amount of crypto I hold is still increasing at a 0.2% to 0.4% daily rate!

This is because I still have the same actual amount of bitcoin I originally invested. The same number of bitcoin, but with less fiat currency value. And the return is still based on the amount of bitcoin I have!

So right now, on fiat currency, I’m apparently losing money. But when the market goes back up, all of those tiny 0.2 and 0.4 % returns I’m getting will also increase in value! 

That’s the cool thing about crypto! I am no longer worrying about how many dollars I have, but about how many bitcoins I own! 

Understanding the crypto game

If you understand the mechanics of bitcoins, then you can understand why I no longer care about the fiat currency value of my coins. It is all about supply and demand!

Right now, the supply of bitcoins is controlled by miners, the processing nodes that hold the bitcoin network in place. By processing transactions, miners are rewarded with bitcoins that augment the pool of available coins in the network.

Contrary to fiat currencies, no one can willingly produce more bitcoins. The rate at which bitcoins are minted into the network is integrated into the bitcoin algorithm. The supply of bitcoins available to be mined is also limited, with a limited amount of 21 million bitcoins to ever be mined. 

The Halving Period

To make the network sustainable, the algorithm dictates that for every given amount of transactions, the reward miners receive gets cut in half. To sustain the interest of miners in maintaining the network, the price of bitcoin has nowhere to go but up!

This phenomenon is what it is known as the Halving Period, and it has already happened three times, with similar results in the increase of the price of bitcoin. Being dictated by the algorithm, the Halving Period is predictable, and everyone who knows this is preparing for the next halving. 

The last halving period pushed bitcoin close to 100.000 bucks.

The next halving period comes somewhere around 2024.

Do you wanna know what the prediction is?

About a 1.000.000 bucks per coin. 

The ones who KNOW, are planning to get there. 

While you can perfectly use the automated trading system of The Plan to have an amazing source of passive income, those who understand the dynamics of the crypto market are using it to accumulate as fast as they can.

This is why no matter what the market does, I am never selling, and I am always buying.

A final word on crypto and automated trading

If bitcoin hits 1.000.000 bucks on the next halving period or in the next above the next, it does not matter. The wheels are already in motion, and sooner than later this is going to change the way we think about our finances.

The evidence is out there. We are already seeing countries like El Salvador adopting bitcoin as a national currency; sanctions being override thanks to the decentralized nature of bitcoin.

Clients of ours have sold their houses and put their equity in crypto. Others have not sold it, but have gotten their equity in credit lines to invest in The Plan. They’re now living off their houses, instead of living to pay for them! 

And The Plan is only one of many options out there! There are decentralized finances (DeFi), Nexo, and many other options that are helping people achieve freedom from the legacy financial system.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is invest in yourself, so you can make the decisions for yourself! This is what The Plan is all about: giving you the tools to carve out your own destiny.

If anything, crypto is all about giving the power back to you. 

The power to be your own hero. 

To not depend on somebody else. 

To do it yourself. 

With love and abundance,
Cian, Sophie & The Prysm Team

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