Infinite Abundance. Angels, each and every one of you are. Bodhisattvas. Buddhas. The difference between what you think you are now and what a Buddha actually is, is like the difference between ice and water. It’s only a matter of energy put towards changing your state! The entire point of coming to this realm was for us to realize this, and transmute matter into energy. Transmute Lead into Gold.

But when we arrive, in order to play a fair game, we must forget. Because we (well, most of us) have to play fair with the human being we are riding along with. Believe it or not, the human has its own path too, its own wishes and desires. And free will. If it’s not onboard fully with your mission to transform it into a little energy factory, guess what, it’s not really going to be a fun ride. In fact, the more you are at war with the coding that’s driving the human, the less energy you have to put towards the Great Work.

What do I mean by “the coding that’s driving the human”?

Well, I’m glad you asked :p

You see, before the memories of a self-developed within the human, they were subject to a lot of conditioning from their parents, whomever raised them, and society (read: TV). TV while entertaining (ie. the Hook), has so much programming in it we laughingly call “drama” that teaches us how to “Human”. The human parts of us learn like monkeys – we see things and we do them. This used to be a very great way of growing up, in a tribal environment we’d be around elders and mothers who displayed energetically the values and beliefs of our tribes. We absorbed them.

Now, the coding comes from elsewhere, unless you literally live in a “radio-free cave” like I did growing up. It felt so strange, not having the shared values and beliefs and patterns of literally everyone I met in school. They all watched the same shows, knew the same stories, and constantly spoke exclusively about those things…which left me very very on the outside. At the time I found this very troubling, as I didn’t understand why.

Sophie and Mr. Burns

Sophie, my partner has explained to me some of the coding that she picked up when she grew up. For her, it centered around the belief that wealthy people were bad, greedy, and evil. She didn’t even know that was the case until in her early 20s, she found herself in a bar full of people who paid $50k/year in order to be there. Cue the judgement, thoughts about how much good that money could do in the world vs. gaining access to a bar. She went from having very enjoyable conversations towards resenting the people she had previously connected with.

For sure, she’s not the only one. In fact, most of the people I grew up with had this type of coding, and I see it even in the culture of today. It’s the archetypical “Mr. Burns” of the Simpsons. He’s literally the only example of wealth in the cartoon, and he’s greedy, obtuse, obsessed, manipulative, and narcissistic. There are countless shows that, while watching now (like The Wheel of Time, The Magicians) have really good stories and teachings built into them; and they also pander to this need to create drama and archetypes like wealthy = greedy = bad.

Infinite Abundance and Intentionality

Now, in many cases, these are NOT intentional. They are just memes that are passing through consciousness. Regardless of that, we absorb them fully, especially when we are kids, or watching them unconsciously. Then we play them out unconsciously like Sophie did. Thankfully she had a coach at the time that was able to mirror to her this fact, and help her go beyond the 5-figure trap she found herself in at the time. This is exactly the type of thing we both now do for our 1:1 clients – we are mirrors who have removed all of the cultural shading and can help you as well go beyond.

Unfortunately, also in many cases, this programming IS intentional – or at least at one time it was. It may simply be habit at this point, however the fabric it has woven is achieving a very specific result, and it can’t be ignored. There’s also the fact that every time it seems like people begin to see through the illusion…it shifts and they are all thrown back into it.

Let me explain. The Realm of Infinite Abundance

We live in a realm of infinite abundance. Literally, the intelligent fabric that creates everything you see and feel can literally create anything, at any moment. In accordance with your coding and the coding of those around you. And that’s the trick. We are only limited by our coding, our beliefs. I wish that I could convey this in a way that you could accept. In most cases, I’ve failed except when someone shows up whose already ready to see it.

There is a belief in the field right now, that there isn’t enough to go around. That we must fight for survival. And take what we want, or we won’t get it. And it appears that history agrees. That’s the thing though, how do you know history? Where did it come from?

How do you even know that time is real?

It’s all coding. Stuff we’ve accepted from those we grow up with.

Let’s look at what is happening right now. Whenever there’s a disease, magickally a plant begins to grow in the region that is the cure. It only takes someone with the training and understanding of such things to find it and provide the remedy to those who need it. Tribal cultures, ancient cultures all knew this, and in fact, STILL know this where they still exist.

We’ve all been made to forget these things. Forget that time isn’t real. Forget that our very environment will provide everything we need. We’ve been trained to obey the clock, calendar, and pay our bills. We’ve been trained to obey our bosses and not ask for more and not really pay attention to how much money is coming in. And, we’ve been trained to blame our problems on those closest to us while accepting what authority says without question.

And, we’ve been trained to fight ourselves and those closest to us. To believe that we are powerless to change it; this is evidenced in the very language we use.

The illusion of time

Have you ever said “Oh, sorry I don’t have time for that” to someone who is asking you for help? Time is a funny thing, since it’s essentially made up. And we are in fact entirely in control of where we spend our time. Saying “I don’t have time” is essentially us pretending to be the victim of time. Now, I say pretending very lightly, since many will strongly hold the belief that it’s real. Please don’t miss this by projecting on me some judgement about that!

We all have exactly the same daylight and moonlight as anyone else in this realm. How we choose to split that up is essentially up to us. When we tell someone else we don’t have time, we are in fact stating that we don’t value what they are asking for more than all the other things we value. We are making a judgement call…but we don’t want to be seen as doing so. Because that would be claiming our own power and we’ve been trained that this is bad, is greedy, or something else we don’t like.

It would be very dangerous.

We’ve been trained to lie in a very socially acceptable way. Little white lies to save ourselves and others from recognizing that we are in fact in control, and making decisions all the time as to how we evolve and spend our life force.

If we were all to do that, it would be very dangerous. Can you imagine a place where people recognized the power they had in every moment, in every decision? Where decisions were made in alignment with their own evolution and the evolution of the species? Of consciousness?


We are so scared of being judged as powerful, wealthy, greedy, power-hungry. Because we ourselves, and those around us have been trained to believe that these are bad things and that any power makes one power-hungry or narcissistic. Any wealth makes one greedy. It’s completely polarized the masses into a poverty/victim mindset.

Then there’s another entire way to play the game. Many old families know this, and their children are trained in very specific ways so as to optimize their abundance. To prepare them for wielding power when it’s needed, and they are called upon. Even tribes of the ancients had adulthood rituals that caused an ego-death to the part of us that is a child – that literally IS the victim mindset.

To be hold in LOVE

Tribes would often put a child through gruelling painful initiatory rituals – but they were held in love the entire time by adults who had been through it themselves. No opportunity for projection, for victim. The ego HAD to decide to see beyond the current patterning of “this is happening to me” and shift it towards “this is happening for me”. On the other side of the ritual, the child turned into an adult by accepting that pain is part of life, and in fact, is nothing to fear or avoid. At its CORE, this is the difference between an adult, someone who wields power, and a victim or child who blames the environment for their pain and circumstance.

This comes up when we grow beyond the limits of our local environment to support. A Tribal leader would have to tell a group of people that they would need to move to a different area, and they wouldn’t like it. He needs to accept that pain will be felt, and he’s responsible for it. 

Do you see how this is the same as the “I don’t have time” thing?

Where can we bring more power into our lives, our decisions, our patterns? How can we ourselves become the Tribal leader, and make aligned decisions for the good of all; understanding that pain isn’t bad? Isn’t something to be avoided at all costs?

I can tell you one thing.

If you manage to shift your consciousness in this way, you WILL transform the entire fabric of your reality.

If you desire to live in this realm the way it’s meant to – to receive all the abundance and diversity it has to offer; AND, if you want to repattern your mind and learn magickal practices that open you up to what is already there but you just can’t see… Then you need to be part of Solomon’s Crypto Magick Mastermind.

Abundance, magick and wealth,

Cian, Sophie and The Prysm Team

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