Nervous about the next launch, only two people like my posts, and one is my mom..

Magick? Not back then… This was me a couple of years ago. The strange thing was, that I HAD successful launches before. I had sold out meditation retreats 3 times in a row. For some reason, now it was different. I was scaling, and trying to grow my business. It was no longer a fun thing that I did for $20 ahead. And, I was trying to actually give it a go, and for some reason, it wasn’t working.

I also had been pretty good at social, just intuitively. I didn’t post every day and had no strategy. And yet, my engagement was off the charts; one New Years’ day I made a post that ended up with a ton of shares, likes, and comments. People liked my stuff. After turning it into a business though something changed and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced what happened after…for some reason my social dried up. Crickets. Program launch after program launch I was getting one or two people in my program, which basically made it “not worth it” in my eyes. This made me more and more nervous about launching a new thing. I knew how much work it was to put out a course, or digital product, and go through launch energy. That frustration grew and created a LOT of resistance to even putting the effort in.

Just Do It

Then, when I’d finally convince myself to go ahead and launch the fucking thing, it took so much energy to overcome those emotions that I’d run out of steam. With the goal in sight, one week to go, I’d just blow the whole thing up in frustration and overwhelm. I’d isolate myself and hide from social, even from potential clients who wanted to buy. The most critical week in a launch is the week just before you close the cart…and that was inevitably the week I’d blow it.

This led to a bunch of failures in my eyes. Sure, I’d have a couple of people in my program who would rave about it. But the amount of effort I was putting into it was meant for a much larger container. Something closer to what I had been doing before I turned it into a real business.

What changed?

After a long time, I began to reflect on this question. I had turned a hobby that I liked, something I was passionate about, into something that I considered work. And the stakes had got higher, and therefore the expectations and emotions had also increased. This drove me back into thinking all about myself, instead of others, and of providing service.

Thinking about oneself is often not a great energy to create things in. Whether you’re manifesting or posting on social media, all these thoughts about self truly get in the way of tuning into the collective consciousness. When we’re thinking about ourselves, we tend to focus on what we want, what we lack, who we are not (i.e. imposter syndrome), etc.

All these stories constantly play in the background. That leads to an emotional charge that builds up and acts like an e-brake. Creativity gets blocked, and what comes out of your mouth is more about what I like, or am interested in, than what is going to best serve others. This subtle yet profound shift is effectively, and energetically the nail in the coffin to success.


The Buddhists teach about a state of mind that is called Bodhicitta. It’s the second part of the path, that comes after concentration and witnessing is established. It’s that universal love and compassion for all beings, that opens the heart, and silences all the negative thoughts about oneself. And, it’s the light that chases away the shadows. I had established this early on in my path, however, upon reflection, it was not grounded. And thus, it evaporated when the stakes got higher.

It’s not a very hard thing, though. It’s simply considering others more often than what you want. With practice, it becomes habitual. We simply need to remember our divinity, and why we are even doing what we are doing in the first place: to make the world a better place.

What it’s like to serve

When you wake up in the morning, your first thought is about the beings you could serve today. Contrast this with – how many posts should I do today? There’s this burning desire in your heart to help people and you move forward based on that. If it requires a post, that’s what happens. If you just need to chat with people who are asking questions, that’s what you do. There’s never a thought about “how am I maximizing my utility of this moment” or about how you’re going to ruin your stats in the algorithm if you miss a day.

Service is about feeling all those beings out there and knowing their suffering. When you speak to the suffering they feel from a place of knowing, there’s a resonance there. No algorithm is going to be able to help you with this. You can play the stats, try and use trending music, copy what other social promoters are doing…but you’re going to hate it, and the energy of the emotion you feel while you’re doing the thing transmits.

There’s simply no way to escape yourself

Maybe you’ve been at this a long time, or maybe not. One way or the other, you’ve probably tried using someone’s system, or maybe many of them. Post twice a day. Once a day. Oh no wait, it’s Reels. There’s an endless parade of advice to help people try and replicate the success of others. In some cases, this works! In most cases it just leaves you frustrated and confused, and overwhelmed by all the tactical tasks you’re doing; wondering who you’re really working for.

The energy that you approach your life with, is what you will see reflected back towards you. Focusing on how to become successful, how to make it, how can I get x clients…it’s all about you. There’s no room in that mind for you to see what’s needed by others. Where can you show up and serve?

Let me be clear. I’m not saying all those systems are BAD. I’m just saying, that the system isn’t the problem. I use a number of battle-tested systems in my business, and they work. But they work because of the pre-requisite of showing up FOR others. I think/feel deeply into how the problems I can solve manifest in their lives as many-headed hydra that are all too familiar. And once I’ve tuned into the energy of the people I’m serving, then, from that space, and that energy, I show up.

You’ve literally been watching me do this, maybe wondering what strategy I use. What system. I’m here to tell you it’s Not-Another-System that is needed. This No-System is the You-System, and it needs a tune-up!

Tune Up the You-System

How do I tune-up my you-system? I’ve got a number of techniques that I’ve developed over the years. Initially, it was simply meditation with some loving-kindness tossed in. That’s a long path, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to truly master. I’m still working on it!

Lately, I’ve been amazed at the results I’ve been getting with ceremonial and practical magick. I stumbled upon an ancient secret Hermetic order, and some even more ancient books by an old king from the Bible. All this, combined with my understanding of the universal consciousness and how the fabric of the universe operates has allowed me to see the brilliance in these tools.

You see, for the most part, our states of mind are dependent on the conditions that happened just the moment before. This is the foundation of Karma. We have positive and negative states of mind, and they have a dependent origination. Our internal karmic forces combine with the external karmic forces to create this very moment. That includes whether you’re thinking about yourself, have good energy, or just want to cry.

The Buddhists teach about dependent origination in order to show you the root poisons of the various fragmented states of mind you encounter. The freedom comes from truly experiencing this fact, and liberating yourself from the root poisons. Resolve that problem, and all other problems resolve themselves. That path is a long one, I can tell you that!

Bring on the Magick

High Ceremonial / Ritual Magick is actually used in Tantric Buddhism, however, they don’t call it that. They simply call it the “Diamond Path” or joke about it being the “fast but dangerous one”. They literally use magick to transform your mind into the mind of the buddha, one aspect at a time. In Hermetics they do so as well, but the order in which they do that, and the speed they do it in is different.

The salient point here is that you CAN use these techniques to shift your consciousness and the field in which you exist. If you heard my podcast episode on <<“What the eff is Magick”>> you’d see how simple it is; it’s as easy as eating pizza to shift your state, and that’s the point of magick. To shift the state of yourself, and your environment. That’s it.

Now if you know that you should be thinking about others more, and yourself less…it still may be hard to actually do that without a LOT of practice. What I’m here to tell you is that with the right intention, and a bit of magick, it’s fairly easy to do. If you’ve listened to my <<Money Magick Meditation>> you’ve felt the effects of how easy it is.

Imagine doing your next business launch, and feeling that resistance come up again. Not feeling like posting. Chatting. Anything. Then remembering that you have all the tools you need, in order to shift out of that state.

One, Two, Three: Just like Magick you love the world again and can see how you can best serve others.

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Go ahead, sign up and see just how magickal your journey can become!

Magickal, abundant and happy,

Cian Kenshin

The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy

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