Awakening of the demons. The very first spark of awareness is usually the most painful one. The realization that the conscious and subconscious mind coexist most of the time involves some kind of trauma. 

Because recognizing the multidimensionality of our being implies breaking past the idea of the self. 

It is the shattering of the mask. 

This is why one of the most common ways to find the spiritual path is after a traumatic experience. Many people who first approach the road of enlightenment are looking for answers about the nature of themselves.

Time after time I hear people coming to spirituality wondering:

“How was I capable of doing that? Am I possessed by a demon? Is this my true self?”

As wonderful as these questions are, the awareness of the own shadow is not easily digestible for Ego. When the story of self is held firmly in our minds, finding skeletons in the closet can result in powerful, disabling trauma.

If we are able to overcome the pain and the uncertainty of the obliteration of the mask, recognizing the presence of these “demons” is a huge first step towards healing the wound within the mind-body-heart complex. 

And this is when we start to work.

Don’t fight. Feed.

When we take a look at the definition of the shadow, most of the characteristics that people associate with it carry a negative connotation.

The shadow is associated with everything violent and selfish. 

It is not by casualty that everything we find within our shadow is deemed to be ‘a demon’. 

From this notion of our shadow belonging to the realm of everything doomed and vicious comes the idea that spirituality is the path of the warrior. That enlightenment happens through conquering and subjugating the malicious beast that lies within the self. 

While this idea it’s exciting in itself, it is very misleading. It actually pits our minds against ourselves. 

This is why when facing our demons, one must not fight against them. 

One must feed them.

Because as vicious as they might be, they’re still a part of ourselves.

By not antagonizing their existence, we are able to become compassionate. And by becoming compassionate, we are able to listen carefully. And by listening carefully, we become aware.

We become aware of their (our) pain, we become aware of their (our) grieving. 

And by becoming aware, we become capable to alchemize their (our) burning poison into a crystalline elixir.

The circle is then complete. 

And it begins again. Time after time. Demon after demon.

Looking at the demons inside oneself

Achieving the level of awareness required to establish a dialogue within the mind-body complex requires a certain degree of spiritual work and preparation. 

The practice of meditation is a powerful tool that can help us become aware of the fantastical wildlife that inhabits our inner realms. 

This week’s episode of ‘Alchemize Your Life’,  ‘Feeding Your Demons’, is the very first guided meditation of the series. This recording is specially designed for you to journey and anchor yourself to your heart and to summon your demons. 

This meditation will help you turn your awareness down to your heart and your body, making you able to identify find those contractions deep inside yourself that are keeping you tied down to these open wounds. 

‘Feeding Your Demons’ is a powerful exercise of self-love, empathy, and compassion towards oneself. It is designed to help you heal the patterns and beliefs that are hindering your path of evolution, releasing trauma, shame and resentment.

We deeply believe in the transformative, healing nature of this practice, and that it’s exactly why we want you to take part in it.

It is a gift of love and gratitude. 

We hope it serves you on your journey.

If you feel called to share your experience after going through this meditation, join us at The Prysm Institute Of Quantum Alchemy, where’ll you’ll find a loving community of lightworkers just like you! 

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MEDITATION 1: Feeding Your Demons
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Merry Christmas!
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