We have a gift for you: The Light Body Activation

But first, a quick lesson!

Did you know that the word ‘spirit’ comes from Latin? Concretely, the roots of this word come from the Latin ‘spirare’, which translates into ‘breath’. 

In the same way, the Spanish word for soul, ‘alma’, derives from the greek ‘anemo’, which refers to ‘wind’.

In other words, our spirit is derived from the air we breathe. And, in the act of breathing, there’s soul.

But this is not news for anybody! This is the very reason why breathing plays such a major role in practically every spiritual lineage known to mankind. 

Because breathing is the clearest manifestation of our subconscious mind. Breathing is that that we do even in our sleep. Breathing is the divine pattern that keeps us alive. 

And by putting our attention into breathing we are putting our attention on the hidden realms of our subconscious mind. We are putting our attention into our sacred patterns. 

Conscious Breathing

By consciously breathing, we become aware, open, and receptive. 

This week’s episode of ‘Alchemize Your Life’ is the ‘Light Body Activation’: a powerful breathwork practice that focuses on your conscious breathing to tune your spiritual body with the frequencies of abundance and leadership. 

This practice will open your channels for new codes to download, so you can evolve into the next step of your being. The ‘Light Body Activation’ aligns your heart, your body, and your mind into a finely tuned machine, giving you the openness to transform from the inside out.

On this breathwork, there are no rights or wrongs: sit back and allow your body to follow the patterns that fit best for it. Take the time to absorb the experience and give yourself the place to release anything that might surface during the practice. 

This is our second guided meditation on the series, and it’s a gift of love and gratitude to you.

We hope this helps you through your journey. 

Inspired love and conscious light,

Sopie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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