One of the largest shadows the spiritual community is grappling with these days is the shadow of aversion to money. It’s almost impossible to encounter a spiritual community or market a spiritual product without encountering someone who has a judgement about money, and your use of it.

The question we must ask ourselves is – is this a helpful attitude?

Stuck In Scarcity-Spirituality

The results I’ve seen have been rather devastating for spirituality, and its ability to affect the world and make meaningful change. I’ve met a ton of beautiful people who have real Magick, and want to change the world. I’ve trained hundreds of them at this point, to reveal, and work through their money shadows.

The problem is that these folks have a belief that giving away their time for free is the greatest service they can do for humanity. Unfortunately, most end up burned out, broke, and working 3 jobs to make ends meet (jobs that are soul-sucking).

The evidence used to support this shadow is frequently pointed out to me. Look at all these monks, who simply beg for food. Look at these advanced Shamans who just trust the universe to bring to them what is needed. These examples are not wrong per-se, however, it’s a gross misunderstanding of what’s happening, a misunderstanding based on the bias of a shadow.

How did we get here?

The real challenge begins when we are at the Orange, Rational, Modern level of consciousness. Here we’ve evolved to trust logic, predictability, and science above all else, in some cases even our own experience. With the success that often comes with this level of consciousness, the egoic structures that are built eventually become confining.

All that is left in life is the pursuit of ‘success’, and material, since that’s what the Orange level values most (even above relationships in many cases). More and more of our humanity is given up in favour of material gain, to the point where one’s health, relationships, play, sleep, and anything else that can be sacrificed will be.

My Break-Up with Rationality

For me, I broke up with the Orange level of consciousness at about 34 years old. You can see the picture of me on the left at that time. I had it all. I was at the top of my technical career, making multiple 6-figures, had multiple girlfriends, fancy suits, a Lexus, a massive 5 Bedroom house with a backyard, a friend called Park Cian, and more. Literally, everything on my list of “success” factors was there.

Then I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and informed by doctors that I would require this crazy machine to sleep for the rest of my life. And no – I couldn’t just fix it by going to the gym.

I completely rejected that idea. “I CREATE MY OWN REALITY” I said – even though at the time I really had no idea how true that was. This pressure forced me to question my reality as it was, and the constraints I had placed upon myself.

What happens when you question your reality

I immediately started meditating every day, and haven’t stopped in over 7 years now.

What followed was a radical shift in my consciousness. I moved into Green, Pluralistic, Post-Rational. The main difference between this level and the Orange level is that this level accepts other views of reality that differ from its own, as equal. Contrast that to the scientific rational materialistic view that holds there to be “only one truth”.

Rejecting Rationality, Money, Hierarchy

This is where my own path diverged from most of the spiritual community. It was my health that pushed me into Green; however, in many cases, it’s the relationship to money or power/hierarchy that does the job for people. Bad bosses dominating your time, making your life a hell. Money is constantly being used to control you.

At some point, in order to evolve, the pain of our life needs to become so great that the ego has no option but to change its structures. This is helpful, however, at these pivotal times, shadow material can be created. If you take a critical look at what shifted you, there may be some insight there.

The shadow that pops up in many Green level consciousnesses is one of rejection of money and any type of hierarchy. It comes from the view that “all views are equal, therefore money and hierarchy are bad because they push views onto people”. Another part of the shadow that is created is “all views are equal unless you disagree with this view”; a contradictory view that is often not inspected or challenged.

No Money, no Worries

If you’ve been struggling with integrating your spiritual self with the modern world that’s full of hierarchy and money…keep reading! This view may be helpful.

Let’s go back to the monk and shaman example. What is happening here? It appears that they can simply practice high-level spirituality all the time, and not worry about money. That is true. They do not worry about money, even if they use it! Somehow, no matter what they do, everything turns out ok. They are always supported, and this allows for more time dedicated to ascension, and the Great Work. A beautiful thing, indeed.

Truly, once you attain a certain level of spiritual development (not consciousness level per-se), things do seem to begin to take care of themselves. Whether you charge or work based on Dana/donations, it doesn’t seem to matter. That’s more of the form – how you choose to play the game. And believe me, you are allowed to choose, and there are millions of different ways to play it. 

In the case of high-level bodhisattvas or embodied angels, they are at such a high level that the only thing they can think of is how to remove as many obstacles for others in their spiritual development. Thus, the creation of the monetary system. This allows practitioners to send all their spiritual energy into the creation of their light body/rainbow body. If they had no monasteries then they would have to use spiritual energy to create stabilization in their 3D realm first. Then practice.

Universal Support

In the case of shamans, they work with practitioners directly and help them stabilize their 3D realm directly so that they may spend more time and spiritual energy on their light bodies as well.

In both those cases, the bodhisattvas, angels, shamans, all are at a level where they see how the game is played, and understand the tremendous benefit of accelerating people’s ability to spend time developing their spiritual bodies. And, in these cases, they do this with the complete understanding that there is indeed an exchange – the universe/quantum field/god / whatever balances the scales by supporting them.

There is still an exchange there, most people don’t see it. By giving selflessly, the universe sees fit to support them. This only works because they know deeply the mechanics of the universe, and can fully trust that.

Magickal Thinking Trap

You can’t simply decide to trust the universe, from your ego. This would be blindly throwing yourself on the sword of the divine, hoping that something special or magical would happen. This is what Ken Wilber calls “Magical Thinking” – very very different from actual Magick.

When you do have this understanding, the universe works with you, through you. It supports you. Until then, the exchange of energy is important. Money simply represents a form of energy being moved between two beings. Think about it – have you ever received Money from “not a person”? Even when it’s a company, there ARE people on the other side of that ensuring that the scales are balanced (in whatever way).

Stop looking at Money as something evil. That would be like saying Reiki is evil. It’s simply a form of energy, heart energy, that moves between people. How it’s used may be corrupted, or aligned. Just like anything else in this universe, its nature is not good or bad.

If I hope and pray hard enough, it will happen

When we exit Orange, Rational, our ego struggles to integrate all the new options for operating. We begin to understand a bit of how belief works to constrain our reality, and probably encounter entry-level Manifestation and other things that rely on “believing in things really hard”.

While this moves the needle a bit, it’s definitely not the level of deep understanding required for actually doing Magick, understanding the nature of the universe, and weaving your own karma intentionally. At this stage, we also encounter high-level practitioners who seemingly effortlessly move through life just on a whim. No need for money or jobs or bosses or anything like that. All these things that were previously used to constrain our consciousness are rejected, and we may even exit many groups of friends.

We then adopt the views and beliefs of others who have done the same. It appears that money is bad, and hierarchy is bad. It also appears, based on the shaman/bodhisattva / angel model, that those things are not needed. However, a Green level of consciousness is not often enough to bring about the understanding of how different those beings truly are.

The Crash and Burn

Seeing these examples, plus hating on previous experiences with money and hierarchy, leads to ruin in many cases. If these shadows are not addressed, and the deeper unworthiness that they stem from is found, this could be a lifelong path of suffering in a scarcity mindset. Better luck next time!

However, if you’ve read this far, perhaps you’ve started again to question the constraints inside your own consciousness. Perhaps once again, you’re ready for the next level. To become a leader to all the other Green levels, and help heal this shadow that is hampering our collective development.

Foundations of Magick

Sophie and I have created a 21 Day Program that’s been speeding so many people along the path of development. We call it “Foundations of Magick” and it’s designed to show you completely different ways of interacting with your reality. It shows you the steps along the path in a very very condensed format. Sometime between Day 1 and Day 21, you’re going to hit a part that doesn’t really make sense, or you have resistance to. This is in fact the point of the program – for you to find your edge.

That’s where the work is – but in this program, we don’t stop you. We want you to experience the entire path of up-levelling your consciousness, aligning your energy systems, delving into your solar awareness, and cleaning up your lunar consciousness. We show you everything you should need to find out where you are at, and see where you are going – NO SECRETS!

You wanna just work on the stuff at the end? Be my guest! Just remember the parts you resisted, and dive into those at some point so that you can ferret out those shadows and break free from your constraints!

In Divine Alignment,

Cian Kenshin and The Prysm Team

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