King Solomon is a historical figure in the Bible, known to be one of the wealthiest people ever to live. He was known for his massive collection of gold, and abnormally good relations with most of the neighbouring countries. And, his ability to crush his enemies with seeming ease.

What a lot of the books don’t tell you about King Solomon is that he was not-so-secretly one of the most powerful magicians we’ve ever seen. He held no rules holy, and empirically tested every possible method available; often the results blowing up in his face.

King Solomon ‘s Real Passion

His real passion was the discovery of new knowledge and wisdom. His gift to humanity was to index and test more magickal methods than we likely even know about today. Luckily, his books have been translated, burned, and translated again and again from ancient Sumerian to Latin, and almost every language available.

Most people consider these books fantasy, write them off as superstitious and at best metaphor like the Bible or Bhagavad Gita. While he does use metaphor in many ways, it’s actually quite surprising how literal and specific the instructions in the texts are. Especially when one considers more modern magickal texts by recent Alchemists in Germany or Italy. These texts were encoded with what is now known as Alchemical symbology, such as transforming Lead into Gold.

Those who know, know.

Those who know, know. Lead represents the prima materia, the solid matter of the human body. And Gold represents the light body which is the purpose of all human existence – to feed the light body with the material body. That’s a topic for another day, though. It’s important to mention since the main purpose of Magick is to accomplish this… However, before we even try we must stabilize our 3D reality.

Practical Magick is the use of Magickal techniques to do just that – stabilize the material realm. What does that mean? It means creating an abundance of time, emotion, feeling, wealth, and connectedness. Just look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and in there you will see the purpose of Practical Magick.

Solomon ‘s Practical Magick

What Solomon discovered about Practical Magick is that in fact, it’s very, very simple. It uses the foundational structure of consciousness, the universe, to enact changes in the illusion that we appear to exist within.

Have you ever seen a TV show like “The Magicians”? Many of these popular culture’s shows enlist what is actually true magickal practices. For example placing certain objects, scents, symbols, and flavours on an altar, while conducting a sex magick ritual next to it, and holding a clear intention in the mind during orgasm.

This stuff actually works, as long as you know the secret codes. In fact, it’s so powerful that you don’t even need to believe that it will work in order for it to change things.

Manifestation on Steroids

Think of Magick as Manifestation on steroids. Manifestation works with your local mind, and your own beliefs. That’s one of the reasons that they train people on mindset so much with Manifestation – your beliefs CAN and WILL get in the way of it working. It’s a set of simple steps and rules that will work for you eventually.

Magick bypasses your own beliefs and works directly with the collective unconscious. You see, your mind is simply a fragment of something much bigger. And anyone who has spent time with their mind knows that repetition creates habits, beliefs, values, and eventually identity. The mind is malleable, and also has a tendency to do what it’s used to.

The Magick Bypass

The collective unconscious, as a larger fractal representation of your own mind, is the same. However, it’s been around a LONG time and has “habits” that are deeply engrained in it. Like gravity. Hah, just try to change that one! It also has deeply ingrained habits with respect to symbols, and what they mean. A symbol of Jade (plant, or stone) represents beauty and wealth as an example. And it has for thousands of years. Because Magicians and other practitioners over the centuries have recognized this, they’ve reinforced it every time they use it. 

These patterns run deep. Every symbol you experience in life shifts your state of mind either subtly or very strongly. Every single symbol. The Woman in the Red Dress. A Lamborghini. Ice Cream. Pizza. A Pentagram. The Devil. Angels. White flowing robes. Long noses and sharp-angled eyebrows.

Solomon’s Symbols

Each of those symbols triggers something in your mind, and in the collective mind.

Solomon compiled a list of symbols and the effects they had. Some called upon Angels who were good at various tasks such as abundance, winning, or love. Others called upon Demons that were harder to control and often created “backsplash” and unwanted effects. He cataloged everything, good or bad and like a scientist created reproducible results that have all passed 2nd and 3rd party verifications for thousands of years! It’s even outlasted the science that once said that the Earth was at the center of the universe.

One of the discoveries that have been fundamental in Magick, and generally working with the field/realm that we appear to exist in is this: It’s OK to bend rules and shift the storyline, however in order for it to work, and work quickly, the Universe needs plausible explanations for whatever you’re trying to create to happen.

In order for the Magick to work, you need to…

Said differently, in order for the Magick to work, you need to be exposed to opportunities for the desire to be fulfilled. For example, if you’re manifesting a new lover, and you do all the Magick right…it’s still not going to work if you live alone in a dark room, and never talk to anyone. There are just not enough opportunities for the Universe to create that reality without an enormous amount of energy or breaking the rules.

However, if you expose yourself to chaos, you go out often and keep aware of shifts in the story, you will see that things happen a lot quicker. This is what the Manifestation people call inspired action. What you’re doing is limiting the amount of energy the spell needs to use in order to shift things, kind of like meeting the universe halfway.

That’s where things get really really interesting. That’s where The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy has been focusing most of its research. Now, what is something in this world that is full of chaos and opportunities to make great things happen, and is also risky?

Crypto Currency

Here’s the thing. There are a thousand different ways to do it. NFTs, DAOs, Bots, Momentum trading, swing trading, HODLing, Yield farming, and more. Within each of those areas are a thousand different sub-strategies, and a thousand different decisions one needs to make in order to implement the strategy that aligns with one’s goals.

That all sounds like exposure to Chaos right? How many opportunities are there for the Crypto gods to reward aspiring Magicians? Massive market swings, big coin pumps or dumps, and influence over the decisions you’re making and the information you’re exposed to. Which information you reject, what you allow in. All these factors are opportunities for the Universe to influence the outcome.

When you bring Magick into a container like this, it’s a potent combination. Magick tells the Universe to optimize the decisions you make, information that comes to you, and the overall macroscopic conditions to achieve the results you want.

That’s why we’ve created this new Mastermind: Solomon’s Crypto Magick.

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Wealthy, Abundant and Magickal,

Cian Kenshin, Sophie Ma and The Prysm Team

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