The Lovers Card. Today I talk about the lovers card of the #Tarot. Not from the perspective of #Divination, as most expect the Tarot to be. But from the perspective of the Hero’s Journey, the path of #Alchemy.

You see, the symbology of the cards isn’t limited to the secrets that unlock your subconscious / transpersonal gifts. It also encodes the path one takes to transcend this plane, and enter their light body.

Stage 6: Where the Lovers meet

Stage 6 is where the #Lovers meet. The woman is symbolic of the right brain / #subconscious, while the man is symbolic of the left brain / #conscious. In reality, even the right and left brain are simply symbols as well, proxies to the truth of our beings.

The woman starts out looking at the tree on her left. The fruit represents the senses and the snake the poison that corrupts the senses in a way that firmly attaches her to them. She, as the subconscious is processing all the raw sensory input, and transforming it into the 3D hologram that is experienced by the conscious mind (the man).

The man can only pay attention to whatever the woman is creating. The man is always firmly attached to the woman, and the experience she is fabricating based on whatever she is paying attention to. If it’s the senses, and they are poisoned, the man is stuck in flames of the tree to his right.

The flames represent the negative thoughts that result from poisoned senses. These thoughts create a feedback loop with the woman, as they influence the actions that the being takes in the sensory world. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions, and those lead to more poison in the senses.

The Angel

The #Angel? You guessed it. This is the higher self. A Pure Awareness of sorts. All encompassing space. The great experiencer. They witness the result of the dynamics here down on #Earth. They carefully influence things in a way that optimizes the evolution of this being.

What does Waking Up / spiritual technology do? Well, it teaches one to turn down the senses as a practice. And within that, they can then create the environment where the woman begins to notice the Angel inside. Eventually she begins to pay more and more attention to this aspect of the being, and the senses lose their polarity. Their fire. The poison.

Then when the woman begins to understand that she is truly a part of this greater awareness, this informs the man of the same. He then begins to realize that the woman exists separately than he does, and that they have their own autonomy. It is now up to his programming to step away from the fire of negative thoughts about himself (in fact, her), and repair the fractured relationship with her. This is where we begin to clean up all the negative habit-energies and thought patterns that exist in the two of them.

Trust: The Greater Awareness

They first build trust. Enough trust to work with each other. Overtime, they soften. Then gratitude blossoms for each other. And eventually, Love. As their Love for each other brings them together, they finally release the last piece that is in the way of them experiencing the divine love from above, #Agape.

As they experience this divine love, and their own union, they express all of that outwards into the material realm. They truly become an expression of #Love through #Philleo, or love for all beings. 

How can one love all beings without love for oneself?

This is the Way.

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Love, Magick and Partnership,

Cian Kenshin

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    • Kristin A Carbone

      Wow I have to say this was quite empowering! With Venus retrograde in Capricorn and Mars spending nearly 7 months in Gemini come 2022 relationships and Love are on the docket for me to explore. This post has awaken me to the path I wish to follow. Thank you!!

      • Cian

        Beautiful, thank you Kristin!

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