Business in the coaching industry is not an easy game. Cultivating an audience, finding the right niche, and actually making the sale can feel like an uphill battle. While these things can be complicated, there’s a mistake most entrepreneurs do that fixes the chances of their business way before getting to do any of this. 

What you know vs what you are

When birthing a business into this world, people have to make a decision. They can either choose to work from what they KNOW or work from what they ARE. This is the key, foundational decision that will fix the fate of their mission.

Time and time again, we see people trying to launch their business out of what they KNOW, instead of what they ARE. As so, their transmission ends up coming from the mind, instead of from their hearts. Their message gets lost in transition and becomes unable to land in people’s hearts.

The truth is people don’t make decisions based on their minds, or on what they know is right. People make their decisions based on their hearts. On what they feel is right. This is why embodiment is such an important part of the business: it is the energy (the feeling) we project into the field that is going to propel us to success!

Accelerate your business

The difference between what you know and what you are can be elusive and not so obvious at a glance. Most people have been conditioned for so long to work directly from the mind, that it can be hard to create the space to listen to the heart. This is an issue when you want to start a business. 

Because most people think they know what it takes to run a business. But not so many ARE (or even know how to BECOME) what it takes to actually make it happen. 

In this week’s episode of the ‘Alchemize Your Life’ podcast, Sophie and I discuss this subtle difference between these two states, and how mastering the difference will help you to:

  • Define your niche audience
  • Refine your selling strategy
  • Customize your copy to the needs of your ideal clients
  • Develop the confidence to show up authentically
  • Accelerate your business from zero to hero with the flip of a switch!
  • …and much more!

And if you’re ready to let go of all the how-to success formulas and outdated, hypermasculine business structures that rely on your rational mind, dive heads-deep into the art of making business from what you ARE and sign in the Conscious Business Accelerator (with a juicy discount up until July 20th!) and learn the way to effortlessly create the magnetic field that will actually bring the money in!

We kick off on August 8th!

Til the next episode!

With infinite love and passion

Cian, Sophie & The Prysm Team.

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