Nowadays, the idea of purpose is a divisive, elusive thing. When conceptualized from the mind, people choose to believe that their life has no purpose. But when felt from the heart, people thrive chasing after their deepest desires. Truth is, everyone in this realm has a divinely given purpose. Finding and fulfilling this soul mission is the reason why we’re here in the first place!

The ancient way of living your purpose

Back in ancient civilization, the idea of purpose was central to the organization of society. Astrology and esoteric tools were used to bring light to the aptitudes of young children. In alignment with their planetary disposition, children would grow to become priests, warriors, merchants, or anything else their hearts thrived in!

Nowadays, these tools have been pushed to the fringes and we live in an era where the divine and the mundane are treated like disconnected spheres of one’s life! In the name of productivity and development, we have built a world based upon nihilism and materialism, with no room for the manifestation of the divine.

But as oppressive and sterile concrete and asphalt might be, the divine lives within, and the yearning for true purpose is the gateway to the awakening of thousands of people! With more and more people waking up from the matrix, leaving behind standardization and thriving in their divine, unique and perfect design, the old way of doing things is crumbling down.

A massive spiritual revolution

As our collective consciousness shifts, the emergence of a new kind of spiritual people has begun. Osho once predicted that there would be a version of mankind, in the near future, that would merge divinity with science and commerce. 

A version of humanity that is free from the chains of the modern world. A version of humanity that thrives in a pleasure-based, expansive-feeling, purpose-led life journey.

But in order to get there, we must still face some challenges. We need to understand what being on Purpose truly means.

In our most recent Alchemize Your Life episode, we dive deep into the concept of Purpose: Learning from our experience of finding and fulfilling our purpose, in this episode you’ll get to understand:

  • The different concepts of purpose and True Will, from a Hermetic, Human Design, and Astrological perspective.
  • The main misconceptions around purpose (what you DO vs what you ARE)
  • How to connect with the purpose that lies within you
  • How to abundantly step into your purpose and thrive in the modern world
  • The infinite different ways in which you can fulfill your soul’s mission
  • …and much more!

And if you’re ready to move on from the shackles of the standardization and extreme materialism of the modern world, and step into a world full of pleasure, fun, PURPOSE, and PASSION, sign in NOW in the Conscious Business Accelerator and learn the way to effortlessly create the magnetic field that will actually bring the money in!

We kick off on August 8th!

We’ll see you there! 

With wild purpose and endless abundance,

Sophie, Cian & The Prysm Team

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