Accessing the Transpersonal Field.

Again and again, I was shaking and crying like a child. How could I still have these demons inside of me?

I’m going to have to tell you a bit of a story for you to understand what, exactly, was going on, and how I got to that state.

Group Minds

I was reading about extra-dimensional beings (such as the Nøkk) and the various densities of space and seemingly dimensions of time the other day. In this blog, they were talking about how time is merely a rotational aspect of movement along a linear axis of space. This gives us the Yin / Yang of Time and Space, time being Yin, rotational, and space being Yang, or linear. Two aspects of the same thing. Once again, confirmation that time isn’t real, as separate from space, or as a dimension in itself.

Group Minds

The really interesting part I got into was about entrainment, and what happens when group-psychic / transpersonal beings interact with humans. If you recall, entrainment is; The thing that happens when two energetic systems come into close proximity with each other for a period of time. Grandfather clocks have pendulums, which will sync up perfectly over a couple of days. Women living in the same house will sync up their cycles within a couple of weeks. The same happens for beings who are at different energetic densities.

We all know that as we ascend that certain abilities come online. Psychic abilities are one of the most basic, fundamental things you will notice as you “raise your vibration” and enter higher densities where the 3rd density (or dimension) is no longer as solid to you. That means that your ego, body, and environment become more malleable. You will first notice this with intuition coming online; Getting feelings about people that prove to be accurate, and other such subtle things. These abilities really have no limit in the 3D world and are only limited by your ego’s belief fields.

A Human and a Transpersonal Group Mind Walk into a Bar…

What happens when a human meets beings who are already very ascended and operate inside a strongly held group-mind field? Well, it depends on the human. If the human is already ascended and operating in a higher density than these beings, something really interesting happens:

“That person will actually overwhelm the social memory complex of the telepathic species. In this situation, the human psychological barriers tend to stay in place, but the flood waters of consciousness spill out of the mind and across the telepathic landscape of the social memory complex. Most telepathic species, like the LMs, adapt quickly to this, and it gives them quite the “high,” from all that extra bioenergy entering the complex. When this occurs, both parties experience a wonderful exchange of energy and information while retaining their identities.”

Really, not that bad. Also, not nearly as interesting as what happens when a human who has not ascended meets this sort of group-mind:

“Suddenly hears voices in their head, thoughts that are not their own, and a wild mix of emotions that have no correspondence to what you should be feeling at the time. This normally results in a state of panic and if the exposure is not removed very quickly; Schizophrenia or insanity might set in from the sudden breaking down of barriers in the psyche. Interestingly enough, most of what a muggle experiences is not a “transmission” from the telepathic species encountered, per se, but the contents of their own psyche that can now jump the barriers the ego has spent years erecting.

Those repressed contents suddenly realize they can be heard, want their say, and do it like a screaming child. The flood waters of consciousness just got too high, went over the dams, and there you are—face-to-face with your darkest truths, as well as having to deal with a scary alien standing in front of you.”

Can Humans be Transpersonal?

In reading these passages, I realized that I’ve had experiences like this, namely the latter. When I was working with the Shaman’s in Peru, the barriers in my own psyche dissolved, and all the repressed contents of my mind suddenly were there playing in front of me. Again and again, I was shaking and crying like a child. How could I have these demons inside of me? After a couple of sessions, I figured out that there were deep fragments of my consciousness that had been disowned by the ‘mother ship’ and had been trying to reconnect for decades. However, when they do connect, they bring with them all the memories that literally make up their form in the mind… The memories that are keeping them alive.

In facing them, I tried a number of things. I tried just letting them play out. I tried surrendering to them. Nothing worked until I realized that these parts of myself were probably feeling very scared and lonely out there, in there, disconnected from the source (me). So I gathered all of them together, and one by one I shone the light of my love on them and forgave them as a priest would do for someone who comes to confession. This worked. It worked so well that I had a massive amount of energy beam out of my heart over and over again, arching my back, lifting me off the ground as the energy poured through my meridians.

In the last moment, I became that light that was pouring through the body, and I knew all.

Then the field collapsed, and I was back in my body, noticing how exhausted it was, and sore from pushing so much energy through it. I guess I’ve got work to do in order to prepare the vessel to do that sort of thing again.

What, exactly, is in the way?

More recently, I’ve been trying to figure out what shadows have been blocking that light from coming again. Except I can’t quite see them, without a tremendous amount of breath work, a week-long meditation retreat, or another experience with Aya and the Shamans.

Upon reading about the effects that group-minds have on humans, something clicked for me. The ah-ha came when I recognized the experience of having your deepest darkest thoughts arise and that causing a psychosis. I now understand how some people should not practice these things like Aya, because they literally have so much darkness repressed that to open that up would be to shatter the consciousness. In my case, well, I’ve dived as deep and come out better for it.

This recognition of the experience made me wonder – perhaps THAT’s the thing that is blocking me. Not the shadow itself, not these patterns of behaviour, but the carefully constructed “wall of the ego” that holds the fort of the “I” and protects it from stories that don’t align.

What if I were to intentionally let those walls down, now that I have the confidence that “I” can handle any demon that arises, knowing that it’s as illusory as this realm we are playing in?

So, I did it.

Dive into the Unified Field

In a meditation, recently, I got deep into Zazen and that wide open space where there is nothing but awareness and a sense of the environment. Then I invited the subconscious to “show me what you got”. “Bring it”, I said internally, everything is permissible. And wow, it’s like it’s been waiting for the invitation, and to know that this system could handle what was coming.

It all started with imagery of my childhood, stuff I had long forgotten. Things I had done that I was judgmental of myself for. I accepted it all, and more and more came. I followed that rabbit hole all the way down.

Dive into the Unified Field

Then, I saw an image of myself as a demon, with horns and spikes, red skin. HUGE. Muscular, armored. He was coming at “me” trying to frighten me. He was doing everything he could, slashing at me, roaring, etc. But there was no “me” to hurt, so it was just all accepted as the output of mind, and thus an illusion. He even thrust his 4-foot-long gnarly penis towards the perspective I had in frustration.

Then, Kenshin floated into the scene. He was blue, cross-legged, and glowing like Avatar the Last Airbender. He floated up to that demon and scratched his ears. Immediately, the demon fell to his knees in gratitude and awe, looking up at Kenshin and praying to him like a deity. The demon started crying (so did I).

In the next scene, this demon was bent over crying on a table or something. Kenshin floated over and placed his hands on its back, glowing even brighter. The demon started flashing in and out of existence, and then transformed into an image of Cian, also still bent over and crying.

We then spent the rest of the time in complete blackness, just existing.

Deep Insights into Reality

This experience has opened up a lot for me. It made me realize some deep wisdom that cannot be taken away. The dynamic between consciousness, internal karmic forces, and the energy of awareness is becoming clearer and clearer.

I’m calling on people who are ready to take this journey with me. You know who you are – you’ve read to the end of this wild, crazy, unimaginable article. Something has kept you going. And that alone makes you very special.

Sophie and I downloaded a vision for a new lineage. A new esoteric school based on Zen, Hermeticism, Tantra, and more. We’re bringing the energies of Divinity, Energy, and Creativity back together into a single school that teaches the whole journey.

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Join us!

See you on the abundant side, light bender,

Cian Kenshin

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