Sex, God, and Money. What are these three primal energies that Cian and Steph keep talking about in the Prysm? How can you guys really mix sexuality, money, and God together, that’s forbidden! These are some of the questions that I hear, and they are good ones! Today I’m going to explore the three primal energies, their associated poisons, and what we must do about them in order to achieve purification.

The Unseen Magnetic Reality

We’ve already discussed much about 3D/4D/5D and how time is a fabrication based on movement in these past articles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). What we are going to take away from those for today’s discussion is the idea that the 4th Dimension is one of energetic frequency or vibration. Imagine it’s another axis perpendicular to the other 3, and measured in light, or frequency going ‘up’ and ‘down’. Lower is darker, higher is brighter.

If you were to ‘ascend’ enough, by raising your vibration on this axis, you kind of ‘float’ up, almost becoming lighter. If your third eye is active when this happens, you could see this realm, or another from a different perspective. This is exactly what happened to me one day, when I saw humans as these magnetic beings made up of 3 balls of magnetic energy.

The unseen Magnetic Reality

Each ball had a different feel to the energy, and combined they gave off these magnetic field lines above the head, and below the feet that looked kind of like wings and a tunic if you squinted.

Insight into the Chakras

As you can see the balls each have a center and an edge. The major, primal energies are represented by the center of each ball; Sacral (2), Heart (4), and Third Eye (6). The other chakras are indicated by the boundary where these energies meet. One could imagine that these boundaries are places where all sorts of problems could pop up, as these powerful energies are mixing and pushing against each other.

Each primal energy, when it comes in contact with one of the others, creates a unique signature indicative of the way the other chakras work. As an example, where Sacral meets Heart, we have our third, Power center. Power comes from action, creativity, and the ability to exchange that energy with others in a way that is accepted. Similarly, where the heart energy meets the third eye or mind is the center of Expression. Expression comes from having the heart motivating ones thoughts into an external expression.

The Three Poisons

In Buddhism they talk about the three poisons, however they normally just use them as a list and don’t relate them to the energies of the chakras. Today, I will make an initial attempt to convey the insight that links the poisons to the chakra energies, and discuss how the antidotes to the poisons work.

Greedy Sacral

At the Sacral level the poison is Greed. Sacral is the energy of Eros; Love of creation, generosity, adding to, improving upon, evolving. This energy grounds us in the 3D physical realm. When this energy is out of balance, it turns quickly into Greed. Greed is the energy of needing, taking away, destruction, degrading, devolving. Imagine how different the simple act of sex can be with these two different energies. In one, sex is transcendent, blissful, and giving.

Each party is deeply engaged in the process of unification and forgets about wanting something out of the whole ordeal. In the other, with greedy sex, it’s ugly. One party is trying to get something as quickly as possible, and the other may be checking out, or in fear, or worse. The entire thing is over and then Karma comes and destroys both parties either internally in the mind, or externally with real world consequences.

Angry Heart

At the Heart level the poison is Anger. Heart is the energy of Philia, love of all beings, compassion, virtue, caring, connection, exchange. This energy connects us to the 4D spiritual fabric, where we are all part of the same whole. Anger is the energy of pushing away, rejecting, not wanting, disliking, rejection of our connection. When in balance Philia creates the drive that keeps us motivated to care for other beings. We feel connected and abundant, and constantly notice the richness that life and others has to give. When out of balance, it turns into blaming others for states that we don’t like, criticizing or gossiping. Being ruled by our triggers, and expecting all of existence to change to suit us.

Ignorant Mind

At the third eye level (mind/Ajna) the poison is Ignorance. Ajna is the energy of Agape; Divine love, wisdom, and insight. This energy connects us to the 5D transcendent realm; The void, emptiness, or simply that which causes everything else. Ignorance is the energy of misunderstanding causality, how our beings work, karma, it’s the seed of the other poisons.

When in balance Wisdom helps us see the truth that underneath it all we are all equal, and struggling with the same causal factors and ignorance of those factors. And that no matter how much someone persecutes us, if we are wise we see their pain and hold Great Compassion for the suffering that must have driven them to such lengths. When out of balance, it turns into a victim like energy, always wondering why everyone is angry at us, persecutes us, why does life suck so much. Why do I suffer so much.

The Three Antidotes

Each antidote is directly related to the realm within which that energy exists in. Sacral; material realm. Heart; Spiritual realm. Mind; Transcendent (causal) realm.

Morality and Discipline

The antidote to Greed is the development of morality and discipline. This is often why you see monks and priests practicing morality and discipline. The problem at this level is the identification with the 6 senses (eye, ear, mouth, nose, body, mind). If you look at the Lovers Card in the Tarot it indicates this in the fruit on the tree.

The Lovers card

The subconscious (the woman) is focused on the fruit instead of the higher self (the angel). The mind (the man) is focused on the woman. The angel simply sees the result of their dance. Many think that charity, morality, patience, devotion, meditation, and wisdom are optional in their ascension. It may appear so however we’ve seen many examples of highly attained individuals whose downfall is the attachment to the senses, and their sexuality. Coincidentally this is why historically many sects have opted to make sex forbidden, because enlightenment can elevate one beyond even the awareness of the fact that their sexuality is a problem. And that, becomes a big problem.

At the Prysm we don’t latch onto, or reject any part of the human, especially not one so critical and primal. We don’t want to be a slave of the senses, but also we don’t want to completely reject them. Indifference, comes to mind. Exploring them as simply another phenomena and not as a thing that one needs or hates. The main objective here is to “do no evil”. We must always consider how to do good, and contribute to the experience of others rather than looking for how to take for our own sensory experience. Yes, this CAN mean pleasure happens, and we don’t shy away from that. We also don’t go around trying to obtain it from others. Over time, this releases the magnetic charge the senses have on the subconscious, and the habits associated with that charge extinguish.

Concentration and Meditation

The antidote to Anger is the cultivation of concentration and meditation. One might ask what is the difference, and the simplest way is thus; concentration (Shamatha) is focusing narrow, on a specific phenomena such as your breath. Meditation (Dhyana) is focusing broad, on the awareness that encompasses all the sensations. The real challenge with Anger is that the Mind and Heart are out of coherence. The Heart has a very nice, regulating magnetic frequency that makes every cell in your body optimize it’s function. This frequency relaxes you, and those around you. You feel like you can handle anything if you’re in Heart/Mind coherence. You feel grateful and abundant.

When the Mind is busy, fragmented, and chaotic, it generates a magnetic field of it’s own that is like static on a TV screen or radio station. This chaotic energy blocks out the regulating frequency of the Heart, and then the Mind needs to operate all on it’s own without the Wisdom and Power of the Heart. Trapped in logic the Mind does it’s best, but it’s operating purely on the past, to try and regulate the present / future.

Concentration focuses the Mind on unification and regulation of it’s own magnetic field. Then, once concentrated the Mind can use Meditation to open up it’s field to synchronize with the Heart’s field. When they finally come into cohesion there’s an energetic feeling that may flush the entire body as all the cells synchronize to this new frequency. The third eye opens, and can now receive downloads and other light based information from the Heart. The feeling of being connected to all arises and good actions naturally begin to happen.

Wisdom and Insight

The antidote to Ignorance is Wisdom and Insight. These are developed in a couple of ways. Initially, we generate the “Aspirational Bodhichitta” which means dedicating oneself to the liberation of all beings. Practicing compassion for all beings and all states (of self). No matter what level of mental structure development we may be at, we aspire to reach the level where we see the world through a Kosmocentric view. A view of the interconnectedness and interpenetration of all beings and all phenomenon. A view that get’s the joke – that we are always the cause of our own suffering.

When we believe that we are subject to the forces of the seemingly external world, we are victim to all the conditions of our lives; we’ve got it backwards, upside down, and inside out. We truly are the great creators of all the conditions in our environment, and internal landscape. Not even metaphorically, it’s quite literal, though you may find this hard to believe. The Hermetics say “As within, so without”. And I promise you, this is quite literal.

Once we’ve generated the aspiration to attain a more sophisticated way of viewing and processing reality, we open our mind to reprogramming. Then, as we Meditate more and have State change experiences…these experiences actually have the ability to change us. To change the very way we view reality, and how it works. And thus, Wisdom and Insight begin to blossom, all on their own, because the soil is fertile. We begin to see the suffering around us, and inside of us. We begin to imagine ways of reducing that suffering. As that happens more and more – our very reality, inside and out changes dramatically, and permanently.

What’s Next?

We are working on a project to integrate the Tree of Life into this primal energy ball system. There’s already been some work on it relative to the chakra system, as seen below, however care must be taken to ensure that it’s not blindly mapped based on the 3D positioning. We must look into all three levels, and how the energies interact in order to truly create a map that will be helpful for people in both systems.

chakra system

The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy

At the Prysm we recognize the importance of integrating all three of these energies. We recognize the importance of practicing in a way that dissipates the imbalances that happen and give rise to the poisons. We are the first school to integrate teachings from Buddhism, Tantra, Yoga, Hermeticism, and more.

If you’d like to try out meditation that integrates all three of these energies, please check out our Money Magick Meditation Challenge below!

We also are giving away free access to our FREE Mystic Library – The Quantum Lab!

See you while ascending, lightbender,

Cian Kenshin

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