That’s it, we are done with 1:1 coaching. It’s just too limiting, and we’re not able to serve our clients best in this way! Sophie and I have been coaching for a combined 7 years and the 1:1 thing is just not working for us.

We are still taking individual clients, however, and are able to help them better than ever! This new format of coaching has been seeing rapid results in transformations, with most of our clients experiencing their desired outcome in only 3 months! 

How is this so? To understand, you first need to know what Sophie and I have both evolved to in our coaching practices. And to understand that, you’ll need to know where we both came from in our spiritual practices!

The inception of Galaxy Hoppers Inc.

After a wild trip with Mama Aya, Sophie and I were flying high, and decided then and there, one sunny afternoon to start a business together. I remember it so clearly, our friend Reno was musing about “one day I want to run a retreat…”; well you know Sophie and I – we took one look at each other and it went from VISION to MISSION in an instant. We planned and executed it so quickly that we had our retreat spot, flights, and finances all sorted out THAT SAME AFTERNOON.

Talk about manifesting powers. It was Dec 2019.

We then sold out the retreat in the next 3 weeks and began the process of dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Not only we were going to run a retreat, we were also going to a spiritual festival down in Costa Rica with our girlfriend at the time.

We ran the retreat in accordance with what we had both been successful in our individual spiritual journeys. I taught yoga, meditation, and did transpersonal shadow work (called MondoZen) with each attendee. Sophie ran amazing workshops on manifestation and achieving 3D realm desires, while our co-pilot Reno ran authentic relating workshops.

It was potent. It was amazing. And it was destined never to be.

Don’t let me confuse you – the retreat went off swimmingly. We both could see our future business and the success we’d have. But, we never really do know “how” do we?

March 3rd, 2020: we came back to civilization, not having heard anything about what was transpiring. I mean, we were in the jungle! We got back to basically a zombie apocalypse. People were wearing things on their faces, there were guys in the airports with HazMat suits…People from China and Italy were being pulled off of planes…it was madness.

Then we both got locked in a basement with very little else to do, but build a whole new business. Sophie had already quit her 6-figure corporate job, and I had sold my 5-bedroom mansion, and let go of all my stuff.

We were determined! Nothing would stop us. Of course, we realized that a retreat business would not be viable for quite a while. Hence, we pivoted. Sophie invested 5-figures into a new mentor, who taught her sacred sexuality and Neo-Tantra over the next years. This is where her path seemingly diverged from mine.

To each, his own

I doubled down on integrating my own spirituality into secular coaching. I already knew that tons of Buddhism was relevant to the modern mind, neuroscience had proven this. The transpersonal stuff was POTENT, and I just needed to continue to harness it and play in that field in order to understand it better for myself. Ken Wilbur’s Integral theory that brought waking up technology into focus amongst how human brain structures develop was the missing piece that I picked up around then.

Sophie began working with women who had a lot of sexual trauma to move through, who had disconnected from their own pleasure and bodies in favor of serving those around them. Women who had disappeared from their own visions. She began lighting fires inside of these people and helping them believe that they were worthy of MORE.

You are More Powerful Together

We both kept on, but the universe was constantly sending us these messages “you are both more powerful together”. We heard it, but ya know we just didn’t get it. I was already mixing business, money, and spirituality – that’s taboo enough in today’s society! Now spirit wanted us to add SEX into that! Can you imagine, the three most TABOO topics all rolled into one?

Well, neither could we. We tried to imagine how that would even work. But our audiences were different. Our methods were different. It just didn’t work. Thus, we kept competing, basically.

We competed for our staff’s time (yes we hired staff within the first 6 months of launching our business). We competed for the very few financial resources the business had available. We even competed for who could be on a call at any given time, since we were living in our friend’s basement.

But we made it work.

In fact, we made 6-figures that year, driving with the e-brake on.

Vision Thrust Upon You

About a year later, we’re in the second year of business, and we’re burnt out. We needed a break. We decided to take a month in the Jungles of Peru, studying and working with a shamanic tribe in Ani-Shinan. The plants there were very nice to us and helped us connect with the vision, what spirit had been TRYING to tell us for the past year.

We both downloaded, at the very same time, this beautiful vision of a school that integrated the three primal energies of humanity. Divinity (Third Eye), Connectivity/Exchange (Heart), and Creativity (Sacral). Each of these primary energy centers is basically the center of a magnetic ball of energy, with the edges where they touch being the minor chakras (power center, throat, and crown/root).

The source of unbalance

We saw how humanity was being controlled through programming that creates distrust and tension between these three energies. No no, you CAN’T have SEX and MONEY together, that’s shameful (even though it’s the oldest profession…). Definitely can’t have MONEY and GOD together, you’re not spiritual if you touch money! Or how about SEX and GOD? Don’t even think about it.

If we’re literally three energy balls squished together, and they are primarily represented by these energies…what do you think happens when we are programmed not to have trust and flow between them? You got it – we create an internal struggle that we play out in the external field (reality). “As Within, So Without”.

If you program humans to distrust themselves, they will distrust those same things outside of themselves, and will always be seeking wholeness, unity, but will rarely find it because of the fractured nature of their programming.

Needless to say, that changed everything

We began to download new group programs, a whole new school of thought – The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy (LINK), and that slowly started to leak into our individual coaching practices. We started to see our clients all as a representation of how these energies are or are not balanced, and we both had VERY complementary tools for very specific problems!

Sophie was more of the Kali energy. She comes in with her sword of insight and triggers or stabs the EXACT shadow, story, or belief that is holding the client back at that moment. There are usually a LOT of symptoms, but mostly a single root cause. The many-headed hydra so to speak. She’s so good at helping people work with mindset, stories, beliefs, and reprogramming, that inevitably the shadow starts to show itself, and comes out swinging.

She pulls out her sword and cuts off the excuses and bullshit. She shines light on the shadow, and it shudders.

But you know, you CANNOT kill your shadow. The ego MUST see it! That’s what the sword does. It cuts off the head of the illusion that the shadow uses to hide.

Coaching is a two-step process

Once the shadow has been tamed, the Osho energy is needed. That’s where I come in with my transpersonal skills. You see, I operate from the perspective that ALL of us are Buddhas. I use my own knowledge of Buddha Nature to connect with yours. We speak Buddha to Buddha. No stories. No fears. No knowledge. No me, no you.

From this space, we both go into a dream that you create for us. We dive down deep into the subconscious, and tune into the very shadow that we both now know is there (thanks to Sophie’s work!). We then connect with this shadow, we earn its trust, show it that our intentions are of universal truth and love. No one is going to be made bad, no one is going to be made to go away.

Include and Transcend

Going on from there, with trust and love, and a LOT of forgiveness (both ways), the shadow eventually loosens and decides that you’re not so bad after all (you usually decide the same, after a bit!) You two begin to trust and love, and what is LOVE but UNITY?

You merge together, and then, are finally able to transcend the limited view of the shadow, without excluding it and creating more shadow material to be dealt with at another, later time! All the stories and limiting beliefs that were rooted in that energy, evaporate.

What does FREEDOM look like?

It shows up as self-confidence. Self-love (the real stuff). Driving your business without the e-brake on. Flow, success, money, happiness, and freedom. We’ve had clients release relationships that were no longer serving them, begin a business that would support them in traveling the world, sell their house and move to Costa Rica, create the community of their dreams, start their own coaching business and make their first sale at $15k, and support their freedom and family with passive income they never dreamed of.

Love, Money, Business, Ascension, Freedom, Liberation. It’s ALL the same process at the end of the day.

2:1 Coaching For The Win

This is why we’ve decided to lean in HARD on 2:1 coaching. That’s right, YOU get the benefit of TWO coaches, not just One. Two for the price of One! And you get the benefit of the Kali / Osho dynamic, which is the stellar One-Two-Punch that is needed to launch you into your next level, in record time!

What are you waiting for? Life is calling, and your Shadow HAS your NUMBER.

Apply here to see if we’re a good fit for you!

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